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There are no other words for it. So much going on as we get closer to the event (EIGHT WEEKS!!!!). I’m way overwhelmed right now, so I thought I’d put a couple notes here for myself to refer back to…and give people a preview of what I have for Tyrone Founder’s Day so far. I […]

What does it say about me that I forgot to do my post on my own birthday? Actually…this is a recap of all the fabulousness that was yesterday. :o) I sent out emails. I posted on Facebook. Friends and family reposted on Facebook. I posted on Twitter. Friends re-tweeted me. I got a total of […]

I seem to go in fits and spurts with things. On a roll…then nothing…then a bunch at once…then nothing. Here’s what’s coming up: This weekend, I pick up my Miata! It took forever, but yes, I will finally get to see it (nope…I really haven’t even seen a pic of it!). I fly to Ft. […]