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Life has been pretty good lately, but very hectic. I’ve never gotten back into the swing of things from my trip to Savannah, so rather than stress about the training I’m not doing, I switched myself to the 16 week Suggested Schedule. This gives me another whole week to figure things out before I have […]

Kinda like walking and chewing gum. No, I did not actually try to knit while on a training walk. I’ve learned from Cat that trying to do so would not be in my best interests. Besides…I get very sweaty when I walk, and would not want my yarn to stink. I went on a work […]

I recently got a Blackberry. Despite the extra monthly data plan cost which DH insists could be used for more Disney points instead of my phone, I love it. One of my favorite things is the availability of walking apps. I’ve now tried two, and I’m completely and totally in love with the second one. […]

That’s what the Komen 3 Day is. Well, almost…it’s actually about 5.5 miles short of a full two and a half marathons. But really, after 60 miles in three days, who is going to split hairs over a measly 5.5 miles? Granted, 3 Day walkers do just that…walk, not run. But think about this for […]