Back in “the day” when I was on Weight Watchers, I created a recipe site that had both Core and point values listed. I’ve moved that side to this tab so everything is in one place. Bear with me during the transition! I haven’t proofread much of anything, so there are some typos, mis-spellings, and occasionally bad grammar. I promise to some day fix these. Especially if you point them out for me. For now, I just want to get them up here.

EVERYTHING has been moved over now! The next project is to keep adding! I have a bunch more that never got put up, so I think I’ll try to add a new one every week. :o)

**NOTE**–None of these recipes are my own creation (so far…I have a few I’ll be adding). Some of them have people’s names, some have a magazine, others just have nothing, because I copied it from a post on the message boards to use myself and never saved the name. If I had a record of who to give credit to, I tried. If one is yours and you want credit, let me know and I can add it. If you don’t like a recipe, help the rest of us out with a comment on it about why. Also, points are ALL approximate. Don’t trust it? Go to and use their recipe builder to recalculate…and send me the updated info so I can update the original! :o)

1-5 Points

6-10 Points

Core Program

Core Recipes

*Almost* Core Recipes



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