So, the big news is that I met my minimum! I have one last check in the mail (I sent it on Thursday) that needs to post to make it official, but once it does, I will be at $2420! The matching donation from Founders Day posted on Friday and I had a few lovely people that donated to put me over the top. But more on that later.

Today, DH wrote an amazing note on Facebook that I asked if I could share here, and he was fine with it. So, without further ado, DH’s FB note…

My lovely wife Lillian decided long ago that she wanted to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk, and thus began an arduous journey to raise the required minimum of $2300 in order to participate.  She JUST hit that goal yesterday, a mere three weeks before the walk.  I personally admire her steadfastness through all the ups and downs she had to endure with the many failures and disappointments along the way.

She accomplished all of this while holding down a steady, full time job, a busy hobby (that also lead to fundraising), and a nagging husband who felt deprived of attention more often than not

In this uncertain economy, getting people to donate money is a very hard task, and getting enough to amount to a couple thousand is near impossible.

But she did it, and I am proud of her.

One of my facebook friends also decided long ago to participate in the walk.  As of this writing, she has raised a total of $2 (her check-in verification fee) with three weeks left to raise the balance (actually 7, but that’s another story).  Her attitude consists of a cockiness, in that “Oh you just wait and see” if they can meet their minimum.  Last minute, with none of the long term stress and worry of whether they will meet it.

While that is quite alright – there are no rules that dictate how quickly one comes up with the money – I feel there is something missing in their approach.  What’s missing is the Networking benefit in a year long fundraising.  Yes, there is money to be raised, but you also want to raise the AWARENESS of what should be number one on the list of priorities in every woman’s fear.  You want to spread the word about this, and you want to give as many as you can a pause for thought.  I feel that you mock the system and the cause when you DON’T dedicate yourself fully to this, and instead are doing it for reasons of personal gain or recognition.

Along Lillian’s journey, she has made several friends, met thousands of new faces, and has become a common sight among several local events (even to the point of being asked back next year to do the same).  She has become well respected in the community with her dedication to the cause, and with her efforts we are just that much closer to the cure.  That is what this is about in the long run – building and forging relationships and friendships that together can join together and fight for the memories of the millions of women who have suffered throughout the years, and fight for the Billions of today’s and tomorrow’s women who, with our efforts, may have that much more of a fighting chance against this.



Been awhile since I’ve posted. Things have been insanely busy. I did a training walk with the Atlanta #3DayTweeps, and I was prepping for Tyrone’s Founders Day, where I had 2 anonymous people that sponsored my table…and I was determined not to let them down.

The walk went great. Kristen wasn’t walking this time, but being our one woman crew, so we had some awesome pit stops set up along a great route. I walked the first half (somewhere around 8.5 miles or so) before stopping. While I probably COULD have kept walking, I had a few hot spots that were getting bad, and everyone was on a time schedule, so I opted to “sweep” the rest of the walk rather than risk slowing everyone down unnecessarily.

During the walk, Kristen and Julie suggested walking sandals for me, also. I only knew about the MBTs that are about $300, but I did some research and found Keens. After lots more searching, and trying on of shoes, and more searching, I finally ordered some Keen Mystics. They will be here tomorrow! YAY! Hopefully, they work as well as I think they will. Considering I did a good portion of my 2007 walk in Crocs, I this will be a good answer. :o)

And, without further ado…

I got to Founder’s day at about 3pm of Friday to set up. Got everything unpacked, and people started coming around 5:30. The first night, I sold $35 worth of stuff. I was THRILLED. It wasn’t a total bust like my table in May had been! Went home at about 11pm to get some sleep and got back at about 10:45 the next morning to set up again. The parade ended at 12, and the day was BUSY! In total I sold another $135! Went home at 11pm again, and back at 12 the next day. I set my sights a little lower for Sunday…My goal was a total of $200 for the weekend. After a few sales that really made me happy (like the first thing I ever finished knitting!), I ended the weekend with $250 in total sales! I’ll be making the donation in my coworker’s name again, and he will be applying for a Home Depot match…with puts my weekend at $500!

With that $500, and another $150 donation that has been promised, I’m only $70 away from my minimum!This is SUCH a relief to me that I’ll be able to spend the next month focused on something other than fundraising!

As we get closer and closer to the Atlanta 3 Day walk, the importance of support from friends, family, #3DayTweeps, and total strangers gets even more important. And while donations are a huge way to help, there are other things you can do to reduce your walker’s stress level and help them have a great experience.

But first, a note about donations, since these are one of the most stressful parts for many walkers (me included!). How can you help make this painless?

–Donate online. Every walker has a personal fundraising page. You can search by first and last name, or even partial names. Or ask them and I’m sure they will provide a direct link to their page for you. The official Komen 3 Day website is secure and safe. It credits to the walker’s account immediately (which is really nice as we get down to the wire!), and it will give you a receipt for your taxes, since donations are tax-deductible.

IF you decide you would prefer to mail a check, there are a couple things to be aware of. All checks need to be mailed with a donation form to make sure they are credited properly. Otherwise, the coaches may or may not be able to track down your donation, but either way, it creates major hassles for everyone. You can either give the check made out to Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure to your walker, who will then fill out the form and mail it in themselves (I prefer this way so I know it’s done right and exactly when it’s mailed) or you can print the form from the link at the bottom of their fundraising page (or ask them for one) and send it together with your check, following the instructions on the form. This is what the form will look like:

My Donation Form

Mailed donations CAN take up to 4 weeks to post to a walker’s account. They usually don’t (mine average 1-2 weeks), but making sure they have the form will definitely speed up the process and make things easier on the 3 Day staff. They have 15 cities worth of walkers that they are handling. The easier we can make it for them, the faster every one gets properly credited.

Ok…that’s all I can think of for donations…other than the obvious: Make one! No amount is too small!

Anyway. What else can you do? Here are a few ideas when the money to donate just isn’t in the budget:

–Offer to go on a training walk. Or, if you can’t imagine spending your whole day walking as the training miles pile up (the 18/15 weekend is soon for Atlanta on the 24 week schedule!), see about jumping in for PART of a walk. Many walkers use loops to make sure that they have access to potties and drink refills, or you can walk out a couple miles together, and then walk back to your car while the walker keeps going. But the long miles can get lonely sometimes, and we sometimes feel like we are neglecting family and friends in order to train. If you can combine the 2 and spend time together, it’s a lot less stress trying to cram everything in.

–Come to Opening and/or Closing Ceremonies! This is a GREAT way to see what the event is about, show your support, and really get a feel for what is the 3 Day community. Atlanta released the info yesterday:

Opening Ceremonies:

Friday, October 22

Lake Lanier Islands
7000 Holiday Road
Buford, GA 30518

5:00 a.m. – Crew members should arrive.
6:00 a.m. – 6:30 a.m. – Walkers should arrive.
7:30 a.m. – Opening Ceremony begins with community stretching.

Closing Ceremonies:

Sunday, October 24
5:30 p.m.

Turner Field
755 Hank Aaron Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30315

–See if your walker has any events left that could use help! We often set up tables at various places (grocery stores, Walmart, etc) and they can be lonely if it’s just one person…not to mention the inability to step away for a snack or potty break! Offer to help for an hour or 2, or even just deliver some lunch and give a 5 minute respite. And while you are there, send over anyone you see and tell them what the walker is doing.

–On the same note, help the walker publicize any and all events AND their donation info. Re-post links for them on Facebook and Twitter. Forward their fundraising update email to your entire address book. If they have an event, tell all your friends to stop by. A busy table gets more attention than an empty one…people want to know why everyone is so interested and will come over. Our networks are sometimes limited, and the more publicity we can get from our friends, the better!

–Check the Spectator Information website about 2 weeks before the event for cheering station information! While the exact route isn’t publicized ahead of time, there are certain locations that are set up for people to come out and cheer the walkers on. You have no idea how important this can be to a walker. So make a sign, grab a couple bags of ice (the walkers will love your forever…unless it’s cold and raining—then grab a box of coffee for them!), and come out and cheer for everyone.

–Write your walker a letter that they can pick up at camp! It’s great to be able to walk over and have letters of love and support from your family and friends after a long day of walking! For Atlanta, send letters (no boxes or packages, please!) to:

3-Day for the Cure
12195 Highway 92, Suite 114-392
Woodstock, GA 30188

–Most importantly, be understanding. This event is important to all walkers for one reason or another. Maybe they lost a loved one. Maybe they themselves are a survivor. Maybe it’s just something they do because they want to make a difference in the world. But it *IS* important to them, so when they opt to spend a whole weekend walking to prepare, offer to come along, or set up a cheering station on the training walk, or help map out a route that goes by your house for a pit stop.

Now get out there and support a walker!



There are no other words for it. So much going on as we get closer to the event (EIGHT WEEKS!!!!). I’m way overwhelmed right now, so I thought I’d put a couple notes here for myself to refer back to…and give people a preview of what I have for Tyrone Founder’s Day so far. I also have a few awesome friends that are contributing items, but I’m not sure EXACTLY what I will be receiving.

Ok. Founder’s Day is September 17-19. On Friday the 17th, I need to be set up by 4, and will be there until 11pm. Saturday, I’ll be there from noon to 5 and 6 to 11. Not sure why the hour break, but I’ll take it! Sunday is scheduled for 12 to 6. I have some friends coming to help cover a few hours each so I’m not there by myself. They are all fundraising ROCKSTARS, so I’m excited to have their help.

Here’s what will be on my table as of this exact moment:

  • red shawl
  • blue chenille scarf
  • black multi-colored chenille scarf
  • grey lacy scarf
  • light beach-y colored lacy scarf
  • wristwarmer/cowl set
  • large infinity cowl
  • baby blanket
  • scarf-hat combo
  • baby hat with flower
  • kid’s purse (matches the hat)
  • messenger style lined purse
  • button on neck warmer
  • corset back halter top
  • a few bangle bracelets
  • a few cup cozies
  • a few wash cloths (I have one, and a few are being sent to me)

That’s it for what I already have done (well, 1 of those isn’t DONE, but it will be).  I had high hopes of getting more accomplished, but really, I have no idea what will sell and what won’t, and so I think I’m going to stop where I am (with a few small exceptions for more bracelets and cup cozies), see what awesomeness is sent to me, and hope for the best with what I have.

I do also have non-knitted breast cancer items that will be there, as well. Those are rhinestone dangle earrings, rubber duckies, silicone rings and flip-flop necklaces. I also have a #3DayTweep with some extras that I’m going to see what I can swing as well.

I still need to tag everything. I’m going to use the business cards I got a Vista Print, punch a hole in them, and on the back write the fiber content and washing instructions for the item, as well as a note that it’s handknit.

The other reason I’m nearing the end of my Founder’s Day prep is that I have 2 custom orders to do. While both clients are awesome and in no hurry to get their items, I’d like to get them started ASAP, since they are cost+donation. Both have picked out their pattern and we discussed yarn. I’ve purchased the yarn for the first one and actually got it in yesterday’s mail.

On top of all of that, DH wanted to get a driving cap (also known as an Ivy Cap) to wear in the Miata, and I found a pattern and already had appropriate yarn…but he also wants his ASAP. Luckily, I’m almost done one baby gift, and the other one…well, my SIL knows what’s going on. :o) She can wait a little while for her frog suit.

All of this and you might be wondering when I’ve been training. Yeah. I haven’t. I’m actually considering a walk this weekend to finally try out my socks I bought a month ago. It’s finally starting to cool off a little (read: not 90+ with 80+% humidity and heat index over 100), so I might be able to slide some walks in now. We just have to wait and see how the follow through is on that, though….

What does it say about me that I forgot to do my post on my own birthday?

Actually…this is a recap of all the fabulousness that was yesterday. :o)

I sent out emails. I posted on Facebook. Friends and family reposted on Facebook. I posted on Twitter. Friends re-tweeted me.

I got a total of 5 donations totaling $201.25!!!! And one of those donations (for $102.25) has a corporate match application. So my birthday donation total was (assuming everything goes as planned this time!)….


That will have me at $1550.00. I *still* have one pending $150 donation from a group that was collected/promised in June but not yet posted, and a few other friends said they plan to donate but need to wait until paydays (which I can definitely understand!).

But, if everything posts, I’m only $600 away from my minimum, and that doesn’t even include my 3 big events coming up OR the Entertainment books fundraiser!

I’m cautiously optimistic at this point that I will reach my minimum fundraising requirement. I’ve enlisted some awesome fundraising rockstars to help at Founders Day. And I think the yard sale will do at least $100, possibly as much as $200 once I finish seeing what we have in the garage! There was also talk of doing a multi-family yard sale with some friends, which would bring more traffic to all of us. We just need to get together to firm up a date soon. Otherwise, I’ll just go forth on my own. :o)

ANNNDDD I have 4 custom knitting orders, too! 2 are for cup cozies, so hopefully I can knock those out this weekend. The other 2 are sweaters…one a lacy shrug and the other a full on lace cardigan. I’m excited to do them, even though I’m holding off starting until I’m all set for Founders Day (and both recipients know that). It does mean my own pullover is on hold again for the moment…but that’s ok. :o)

And finally, plans are beginning for the 2011 walk! Yes, before I even walk this year, I’m already working out where I will be next year. The #3DayTweeps (aka: Twits for Tits) are lining up a team in Atlanta. I plan to crew next year to give my friends and family a break. Plus, how much fun would it be to ride around as Route Safety Crew on my Vespa??? And because I’m planning to crew, there is potential to do TWO cities. So I’m trying to decide if and if so, where, I will do a 2nd crewing stint.

Well, I’ve got much to do and less time to do it in. I’m so glad to being on my way out of my fundraising funk that I’ve been in lately! And it’s all thanks to YOU!!!

I seem to go in fits and spurts with things. On a roll…then nothing…then a bunch at once…then nothing.

Here’s what’s coming up:

This weekend, I pick up my Miata! It took forever, but yes, I will finally get to see it (nope…I really haven’t even seen a pic of it!). I fly to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning, then will be stopping in Orlando for the night before finishing the trip on Sunday.

8/12 (next Thursday): My BIRTHDAY!!! I’ve asked both my Facebook friends and Twitter followers to each donate $10 for my birthday present. I need about 100 of them to do just that and I will be at my minimum. I have about 120 on each, with only a few that are on both lists. So now, I ask my readers (who are probably on both lists as well, but so what. Do it already.) Please donate $10 on my fundraising page!

8/14 (next Saturday): I will be at the Midtown location of Scooter Superstore of America with a small table at their Open House and Customer Appreciation event. Come by! We will be grilling, and there will be great deals on scooters and accessories…and ME! I’ll be “Scooting Toward a Cure” with some hand-knits and pink ribbon items. And if you are nice, I may let you take a picture on my scooter. ;o)

Newly added–9/17-19: Thanks to an anonymous donor, I will be at Tyrone’s Founder’s Day event…again, with my hand-knits and pink ribbon merchandise. It starts at 5pm on Friday and goes until 11, then from 12-5 and 6-11 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday. I’ve asked a few fellow walkers to help man my booth, but I may be calling on more of you! I’m going to be doing more items over the next few weeks, so if you can think of something you’d like to see (or think others would), let me know! I’m hoping for at least 3 projects a week between now and then (which unfortunately means the sweater I’ve been doing for myself gets put on hold). I’ll be filling up my bracelet rack, working on some dish and wash cloths, and probably a few hats, and maybe a scarf or shawl. Everything in my Etsy store will also be there.

Ongoing: I still have Entertainment coupon books available!

I think that’s all the updates for now. Come on out and have some fun with me at my tables!

Do you like to save money? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?! Have I got a deal for you!

I’ve set up a fundraiser with Entertainment books. These books are jam-packed with coupons for restaurants, movies, theme parks, and all kinds of other things…and you can get one for whatever area you want in the US! Are you planning to go to Orlando or Washington, DC on vacation? You can pick up a book for those areas! Live in Atlanta or Philly? Got those and lots more places, too!

You can get all the details here…and even place your order!

A portion of the sale of each book* will go DIRECTLY to my 3 Day fundraising! So get one for you, and then send the link above to a friend! Spread the word! The more books sold, the more money raised to fight cancer!


I really don’t think I have used enough exclamation points in this post.

*I’m not intentionally being vague, but the portion of each book that is donated depends on the number of books sold. :o)

First, and most importantly:


Ok, now that we have that out of the way, here are the details:  One of the pending mailed in (from my friend Ginny’s company Specialty Car Co.) donations I knew about posted on Wednesday, which puts my fundraising total at $1,236.50…which means only $1063.50 left to go. I still have one more pending donation that I know of for $150, so that would put me a mere $913.50 away from the minimum required amount. But I need all the help I can get to reach that! Donate here. Every $5 helps.

Unfortunately, the matching gift I was hoping for was declined. It’s a bit of a long story, but since the donation was made last November (during my Oz Fundraiser and Silent Auction), the request had to be submitted by January 31 of this year. We didn’t find out about the potential until April, so we were too late. But no one told my coworker that. Such is life. We’ve now learned the rules, so hopefully we can do it right next time.

I’m still working on other ideas, and need to get past “idea” stage into “event” stage. I have a few crafty items I’ve done (or can do custom) that I’m selling, but haven’t gotten any decent pictures of them to post anywhere. There are 2 main things: small pink ribbon rhinestone french hook earrings (asking for a $10 donation per pair) or knitted bangle bracelets (asking $15-20 each, depending on the yarn). The bracelets I’m leaning toward doing as custom orders, but I still need to get it out there that I’m doing them and what the options are. I do have 1 sample:

I have a few other colors ready to go and a few possible patterns in waiting–and about 40 bangles from which to choose from (all different shapes and sizes)…I have just lacked the time and/or inspiration to do them. I’m also willing to do other custom knit-work, but prices on that will vary greatly depending on what I’m doing. If you are interested in any of these ideas, send me an email at hokiegir1 (that’s a one, not an L) (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Other things to do include the yard sale. Still. It got hot very fast this year, so I’m now aiming for an end of August/early September date, and hoping things cool off early.

I also did some training last weekend. You can read Kristen’s post about it, but she doesn’t say how much of a wuss I was. Really, I did stick it out, and I don’t think I actually complained too much…but I was slow, and miserable. And I know everyone says it’s not a race…had it been on the event, I wouldn’t have even felt the slightest bit guilty, because we could all have been at our own pace and would have just met up back at camp without a problem. But we weren’t. And the girls (Pam, Kristen and Julie) were very sweet to not leave me–even when I told them to…and even shared their BodyGlide for the massive blister that popped up on my heel and Kristen dunked her bandanna in her water to help cool me off (I got SEVERELY overheated, despite hydrating). All in all, we walked about 9.5 miles, and we were “on the route” for about 4 hours…but that includes numerous stops, because I forgot to pause my phone.

Tomorrow is Preview Expo day! After the training walk, I got another sock recommendation from a few people, so while I won’t be buying socks (I ordered a pair on Amazon with gift cards I earned from Swagbucks…YAY for free stuff!), there may be some other gear I still need and/or want. I never went to Expo when I walked in 2007, so this is new for me. I’m looking forward to seeing Pam again (Kristen is currently walking in the Boston 3 Day…she’s somewhere between lunch and camp!! and Julie has another event that conflicted, but I’m sure I’ll see them again before October when they will be walker-stalking in Atlanta!) and meeting a few other Tweeps that couldn’t make it to the training walk.

1) Training walks. Either leading the “official” ones or on my own. I have no good excuse, but lots of bad ones if you want them.

2) Fundraising. Again, no good excuse, just lots of bad ones.

3) Losing weight. Ok, this is a bit of a grey area. I’ve started tracking what I’m eating, as I said. I haven’t yet gotten on the scale (it’s been a week), BUT I’ve also had a few really bad days. And bad isn’t just defined as going over on my calorie goal. I had 2 days where I was fairly significantly UNDER my goal. Granted, the 2 generally balanced out. Anyway…I need to get better not just at tracking, but paying attention BEFORE I eat 600 calories worth of cookies, followed by 2 servings of sherbet. Oh, yes, I did.

I’m not really sure why I’m not doing the things I should be. It’s hot. I hate summer. I don’t like to be outside. We are getting really close to double digits until the walk (101 days to go as of today!), so I need to find my motivation, but I just don’t know where to look. Hopefully I can find it at the Expo on the 24th. Otherwise, I’m pretty much screwed.

Name a diet. I’ve probably tried it. At least, the reasonable ones. I don’t do things like the Grapefruit Diet or stupid stuff like that. And actually, anything that requires you to purchase all meals from the company, I shy away from. I’ll buy snacks…but not every bit of what I’m eating.

I had success with Weight Watchers. I lost 50 pounds in about 9 months. And developed a nice little food obsession, but who’s counting that? I’ve tried Intuitive Eating, and did manage to lose a little, but I think I need therapy for it to really work long term.

So what’s a girl with a gigantic understanding of the principles of food, a desire to lose weight and shiny new-ish Crackberry supposed to do? Find a journal app, of course.

And being the cheapo that I am, it had to be free. Sparkpeople does have an app, but I wanted to try something different. I love Spark, but I sometimes find their food database lacks, and adding a new food is a royal PITA. So I’m going with Calorie Counter by FatSecret. I started yesterday.

The pros:

-Web interface and sync option. Very nice because if I’m on the computer, I can add whatever, but if we go out and I change plans or get something else, I don’t have to wait until I get home to see the damage.

-Decent database. So far, I’ve found 1 thing that wasn’t listed exactly (Apple Walnut Soyjoy), but there was another flavor that WAS listed with identical nutrition info. I’m good with that.

-Works with whatever diet plan you choose. Their listing of plans is incredible. I haven’t checked out options on different plans, but might futz around with it this weekend. Also, if you don’t want to use a “professional” plan, then you can design your own, which is what I did. It even gives you a recommended calorie level that is REASONABLE. In fact, I thought my suggested level was a little high even for slow loss. More on that in a minute, though. I’ll tell you how I got my numbers.

-It’s free. Both the web and phone app are totally and completely free.


-For the non-professional dieter, it may be a little confusing.

-I can’t copy a meal from dinner to the next day’s lunch. I can only copy from lunch to lunch. I like to eat leftovers if we have them, so it’s a little annoying to have to add every item again. I *could* be lazy and copy dinner as dinner, then just make lunch the new day’s dinner…but I’m a little anal-retentive about some things, one of them being that my food journal reflect what I ate approximately when I ate it.

I haven’t messed with the phone app much, since for a change we I cooked something last night.I’m sure I will have more opportunity for that this weekend as well.

Ok, so I’m working on my own plan this time around, since all the others have worked so well for me in the past. You are probably wondering how I determined what I should be eating. I’ll tell you: online calculators.

I went to a few sites, and was getting vaguely similar information. This site explains it really well, but the gist is that your body needs calories (FUEL) even when you are trying to lose weight. If you don’t give it enough fuel, you actually get counterproductive and it holds on to every bit of what you put in. I’m sure you’ve heard this before if you have read this far, since I’m sure you’ve been on a diet. But the question is, what is enough?

The first thing I did was find out approximately what my body needs to maintain. This is a good source for that. You enter height, weight, age and general activity level. Since I haven’t started my training again, I’m currently at “Light”. I sit at a desk most of the day, walk a little here and there, but generally nothing to really get my heart rate up. That means I need about 2350 calories to maintain my fatness.

I’m hoping to lose 1-2 pounds a week. My goals are 15 pounds by October, 30 by February (total…not in addition to), and 50 by NEXT October. I don’t think I’m hoping for miracles. I think I’m being pretty dang reasonable for once in my life.

As I’m sure we all know (and it’s stated on both links I posted), to lose 1 pound a week, you need a deficit of 3500 calories. It works out to about 500 per day, through a combination of extra calories burned AND fewer calories consumed. So, on average, I should reduce my calories from 2350 to around 1850, and I can expect to lose about 1 pound a week. If I also add in some exercise, that will help with an additional deficit, potentially putting me in the 1-2 pound range (I doubt I will burn an extra 3500 calories a week without at least SOME additional fuel being needed).

I set my calorie goal at 1800. I know a lot of dieters out there are looking at that and thinking “OMG. That’s too much. She’s never going to lose! It should be 1200!”  Some of you may even be generous and say 1500. But think about it. I’ve tried the drastic cuts. They might work for a week or 2, but then I either get hungry and binge, or stick to it and stall out anyway (which then leads to a depression binge, because I’ve been so good so why am I not losing?). What harm will come to me from setting a reasonable 500 calorie deficit goal for a few months? I might lose some weight. Slowly.

A little more about activity level: I think a few of my fellow 3 Dayers might read this, so I want to clarify something. I haven’t trained in over a month. If you have been consistently walking, you should probably consider using the “Moderate” activity setting at a minimum. Your body is used to that exercise now if you have been doing it often. It will also help make sure you get the extra calories you need to keep up the activity level. Just something to think about. You can try it both ways for a little while and see.

So, good luck. I accept donations to my walk for all success based on my advice, BUT be sure to check with your doctor.

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