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I have 22 weeks until Day 1 of the Atlanta 3 Day. That’s 148 days. In my fundraising account is exactly $900. I have a pending donation of $114 that will post in about 4 or 5 weeks from a fundraiser at Jump 2 It on May 14. If we did everything right (which I’m […]

I took pictures on my training walk last Sunday with the intent of posting them here Monday. But our lives were turned upside down on Monday, and still haven’t entirely settled back down. At about 4:30pm, I got a call from DH. “Pray harder than you ever have before. P collapsed in his office.” (P […]

As a 3 Day walker, you can opt to get emails about what training you should be doing. You get these once a week, and they have a summary for the next week. For example, at 24 weeks, this is the plan: Monday-Rest Tuesday- 3 miles, easy Wednesday- nothing Thursday- 3 miles, moderate Friday- 30 […]

I may have mentioned that the official 24 week training program has started for Atlanta. Maybe. Just possibly I mentioned it. And if I think about it, I realize that 24 weeks is 6 months. Sounds like awhile, huh? Then, I logged into my participant center. The first day of the Atlanta Susan G. Komen […]

Today is the OFFICIAL first day of the 24 week training schedule for the Atlanta 3 Day! Well, since Mondays are always rest days, tomorrow is the first training day…but today is the first day included on the schedule. I’m celebrating. I plan to pack up my gear tonight, and get a GOOD night’s sleep […]

So, I don’t think I’ve ever told this whole story on my blog. I’ve posted bits and pieces, and joked about being banned from doing the Cha Cha Slide anymore, but never posted the WHOLE story. So here you go, complete with 4 of the 5 pictures I have of the event (the 5th being […]

I owe a total of 3 new recipes. I have 2-ish desserts. One is a recipe, one is just too freaking cute not to share. I’m making both for a work thing on Friday. First is Creamy Pineapple Pie. I love this for summer events because it’s no bake, and very refreshing. Next up, I […]

Yes, I’m finally somewhat back on track. Though, this week is another Kraft adaptation. I took their Fiesta Chicken Pasta recipe, and left out a few things. Why? Well…ummm…our sour cream was bad and we had no Italian dressing. So I decided to try it without. And I only just now saw that I was […]