There are no other words for it. So much going on as we get closer to the event (EIGHT WEEKS!!!!). I’m way overwhelmed right now, so I thought I’d put a couple notes here for myself to refer back to…and give people a preview of what I have for Tyrone Founder’s Day so far. I also have a few awesome friends that are contributing items, but I’m not sure EXACTLY what I will be receiving.

Ok. Founder’s Day is September 17-19. On Friday the 17th, I need to be set up by 4, and will be there until 11pm. Saturday, I’ll be there from noon to 5 and 6 to 11. Not sure why the hour break, but I’ll take it! Sunday is scheduled for 12 to 6. I have some friends coming to help cover a few hours each so I’m not there by myself. They are all fundraising ROCKSTARS, so I’m excited to have their help.

Here’s what will be on my table as of this exact moment:

  • red shawl
  • blue chenille scarf
  • black multi-colored chenille scarf
  • grey lacy scarf
  • light beach-y colored lacy scarf
  • wristwarmer/cowl set
  • large infinity cowl
  • baby blanket
  • scarf-hat combo
  • baby hat with flower
  • kid’s purse (matches the hat)
  • messenger style lined purse
  • button on neck warmer
  • corset back halter top
  • a few bangle bracelets
  • a few cup cozies
  • a few wash cloths (I have one, and a few are being sent to me)

That’s it for what I already have done (well, 1 of those isn’t DONE, but it will be).  I had high hopes of getting more accomplished, but really, I have no idea what will sell and what won’t, and so I think I’m going to stop where I am (with a few small exceptions for more bracelets and cup cozies), see what awesomeness is sent to me, and hope for the best with what I have.

I do also have non-knitted breast cancer items that will be there, as well. Those are rhinestone dangle earrings, rubber duckies, silicone rings and flip-flop necklaces. I also have a #3DayTweep with some extras that I’m going to see what I can swing as well.

I still need to tag everything. I’m going to use the business cards I got a Vista Print, punch a hole in them, and on the back write the fiber content and washing instructions for the item, as well as a note that it’s handknit.

The other reason I’m nearing the end of my Founder’s Day prep is that I have 2 custom orders to do. While both clients are awesome and in no hurry to get their items, I’d like to get them started ASAP, since they are cost+donation. Both have picked out their pattern and we discussed yarn. I’ve purchased the yarn for the first one and actually got it in yesterday’s mail.

On top of all of that, DH wanted to get a driving cap (also known as an Ivy Cap) to wear in the Miata, and I found a pattern and already had appropriate yarn…but he also wants his ASAP. Luckily, I’m almost done one baby gift, and the other one…well, my SIL knows what’s going on. :o) She can wait a little while for her frog suit.

All of this and you might be wondering when I’ve been training. Yeah. I haven’t. I’m actually considering a walk this weekend to finally try out my socks I bought a month ago. It’s finally starting to cool off a little (read: not 90+ with 80+% humidity and heat index over 100), so I might be able to slide some walks in now. We just have to wait and see how the follow through is on that, though….


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