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Wow…Tuesday just snuck up on me this week. I have so much going on that I forgot to pick a new recipe for the week…so you are getting what I made for dinner last night. Exciting? Not so much. Low fat? Eh. There are worse options, but it could be better. Yummy? Abso-freaking-lutely. It’s one […]

Ok, I’ve been talking about all of this knitting I’ve been doing for my fundraiser at Market Days, and yet, no pictures. None. I suck. Ok…I have ONE right now. But the picture sucks. I included it anyway. But some of the stuff I have finished is A.MAZ.ING. Seriously. I have impressed myself a few […]

How’s that for a snazzy title? I like it. :) This week, I turned to my favorite TV chef for inspiration. Alton Brown. In an episode of Good Eats called “Power Trip,” Alton made protein bars at home. I’ve been wanting to try this since I saw the episode, and finally did this weekend, though, […]

It’s been a pretty motivating, if not productive week, so I thought I’d give the breakdown. On April 3, my friend Ginny and I will be at Newnan Market Days with a Scooting Toward a Cure table of knitted items. We were vetoed on the baked goods, so we are both just knitting up a […]

Yes, that’s sarcasm in the title. This is about the walk. :o) I had a startling realization yesterday. I was sending a sponsorship proposal to Red Robin (please cross your fingers for me!) and while doing that, I realized that I’m only $1500 away from my fundraising goal. That’s 6 donations of $250. Or 10 […]

Ok, that really doesn’t have a great ring to it. I’ll work on a fancy title for next week. In the meantime, check out my high fiber, low fat oat meal raisin cookie recipe, adapted from the good people at Quaker. Even my DH likes these…and he KNOWS they are “healthy”! To find any recipe […]

I may or may not have mentioned that I’m a knitter. I’m actually decent, but pretty slow at it. And I’m NOT by any means a designer. I can take a pattern, and maybe tweak it a bit, but can not create my own. Except for scarves. And blankets. Because those really don’t NEED a […]

Back in October, I posted about ending Daylight Saving Time for good. I made a very good case for it. If you missed it, go here and read my proposal. You will be glad you did. Unfortunately, at the time, everyone was too glad that they were getting their hour back to care about the […]



I came across a contest sponsored by Phifer Pavitt Winery. You can get details here, but the gist is to write a 150 word synopsis of a date you had. I love the DH’s and my story, so I’m posting my entry for all of eternity. And for you to vote on it at the […]

That’s me today. Everyone and everything is annoying me. My day started when I woke up at 6 (UGH!) to meet a friend for a walk. We are going to try to start doing that a few days a week before work. Well, today was the first day we were supposed to meet…and it was […]