Core Program

The Weight Watchers Core program is now defunct in name, but I think from what I have seen it’s similar to their newest program. Don’t quote me on that, though, because I haven’t been a paying member in years, so I’m not positive on the new details.

Basically, with Core, you are given a list of foods that you can choose from and eat until you are “satisfied”. Not stuffed…just to where you no longer feel hungry. These foods are typically higher in fiber and low in fat. Some unofficial lists and instructions an be found here and here.

I had some level of success with Core. My main problem was that DH and I like to eat out. A lot. And Core is a bit challenging when eating out as many as 5 days a week. It’s a great program if you are used to preparing your own meals, though, and since we are now cooking more, I’m thinking about giving it a shot again.

So, for those of you who want to cook up some goodness, check out the pages of Core recipes and *Almost* Core recipes!


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