I have absolutely no reason, but I’m just feeling lackadaisical right now. Lacking in motivation. Lacking in energy. Just lacking.

My training needs to start back up again. And soon. Today is the first “walking” day of the 16 week training schedule (ie–short program). I actually have no plans to walk today. Hadn’t much thought about it until just now. Next week actually picks up with where I left off over a month ago. Maybe I will actually do something this weekend. I’m just not feeling the whole “outdoors” thing.Too hot. Too humid. Too many bugs. I need to post an “official” walk or 2 so that I force myself to go.

Still waiting on paperwork to come through for my Miata, so until that happens, all we can do is wait. Everything is in place on our end, but they need to fax the title to the lender. And haven’t. For 2 weeks now. I’m starting to get frustrated and impatient. On the plus side, we found out the tires are only 3 years old…not 15. So we may not have to replace those as soon as we thought. Maybe.

Of course, in the meantime, the battery is toast on my PT Cruiser. We parked at the airport while we were gone this weekend, and when we got back, turned the key and *click*. Nothing. So we got a jump, made it home and DH put it on the charger. This morning (first start since), it still took 2 tries to start. I feel like Shelley Long in The Money Pit…except it’s not the house that needs work, it’s the car. And I feel bad sucking money into it when in a few short weeks, I won’t be driving it much at all.

Anyway. Speaking of money sucking. When we flew this weekend, we made a decision at the airport to upgrade. It was the complimentary adult beverages extra leg room that was the decision maker, but seriously, I don’t think we will ever fly coach again. Best. $49. Ever. Spent.

Knitting wise, I’m almost done the test-knit cardigan I’ve been working on since the end of May. Took it on vacation and one of my aunts really liked it. Enough to give me the money to replace the yarn (since it was supposed to be for me) and she gets that one. I think I’ll finish it tonight, though it might be tomorrow, since there is one spot I’m not happy with, so I want to go fix it.

Next up is another messenger-style purse. I’m also still working on my summer scarf. The purse should go pretty quickly. I made one with the same pattern before and it took about a week. I think I’m about half done the scarf, but I’m just going until I run out of yarn on that one. It’s nice mindless knitting. Sometimes you need that. After the purse,  I think it’s finally time to knit my left sock! I did the right one in April, and it’s been sitting in the storage ottoman waiting for a mate since. That’s another fairly quick project.

After those, I have a few things to choose from, and I’m not sure what will be first. There is a scarf/hat that will be a Christmas present, a lace triangle shawl, a lace wrap, a v-neck fitted shirt, felted ballerina flats and a lacy summer tee. Evidently, I’m in the mood for lace. I think I need a challenge after all these relatively easy knits. Of course, I could get frustrated as soon as I start…but what else is new? I’ll probably flip a coin. Or have DH pick from the list.

Now, for what you have all been waiting for, I’m sure. My fundraising update. My $70 donation posted. The $150 is still pending because one of the members of the group is trying to see if her employer will match it, which would be awesome. The amazing 3 Day Coaches are trying to track down my other matching gift, but I *think* we were too late in applying for it. When I went to look after my coworker gave me his confirmation printout, the FAQ page stated that any donations in a calendar year needed to be applied for by January 31 of the NEXT year. He made the donation in November, 2009. We didn’t apply until May…about 4 months late. So we will see what happens. There is a slim chance it could still go through, but I’m not very hopeful at this point.I also have $25 in cash donations I need to send in.

So what does all this add up to (no including the 2 potential matching ones, since who knows if they will post…)?

$1311.50. LESS THAN $1000 AWAY FROM MINIMUM!!!!

If the 2 matching gifts work? $1557.50. I feel like I’m closing in on the minimum. I still need help, though.

So that’s life. It’s not great, but it sure doesn’t suck, either.


Life has been pretty good lately, but very hectic.

I’ve never gotten back into the swing of things from my trip to Savannah, so rather than stress about the training I’m not doing, I switched myself to the 16 week Suggested Schedule. This gives me another whole week to figure things out before I have to stress about the training I’m not doing. Since it’s been so hot, I’m thinking about doing my weekday walks at the gym. On the *shudder*treadmill*shudder*. I realize this isn’t optimal for training, but it’s just too steamy out to do them after work, and there is a shower at the gym, so I can leave right from there and head in to work.

In the “OMG!” category, I’m buying a new car. Well, new to me. It’s actually 15 years old, has 1200 miles on it (no, that’s not a typo), and has been sitting in a personal museum collection the whole time. It’s from DH’s boss’s estate, and is a 1996 Mazda Miata. I’m HUGELY excited about it, but not sure when I get to pick it up yet. It obviously needs a few things done before it’s ready to be driven from FL to it’s new GA home, so right now we are waiting while batteries, hoses, tires, etc are replaced, then I will fly down to get it and drive the 12 hours back.

Next weekend, I’m heading up to MD to see family. Been awhile. I’ll be trying to cram quite a bit into the 36 hours I have to spend with everyone. I’d love to make it to the yarn store, but I just don’t see it happening. And it’s not like I really NEED more yarn, anyway.

I’m still finishing my cardigan. Working on the first sleeve now. Hoping to be finished before I head to MD, but if not, it’ll go with me. I also have a pretty scarf I’ve been doing, which is now long enough to wear while I work on it (not that I need to be wearing a scarf when it’s consistently in the 90’s here…but it was fun). I’ve got a few more projects lined up after that, including a special one for Helen of Regretsy.com. That one should be pretty quick, though.

Fundraising wise, I just mailed in a $70 donation, I still have one for $150 that I’m expecting any day now (I actually thought it would have gone through already, it hasn’t), and I’m still waiting to see if we successfully mastered the corporate match process, which would result in a $96 donation…but I’m a wee-bit skeptical of that one going through, unfortunately. We will see what happens. I know the coaches will do their best to help me if we made a mistake. If they have the ability to fix it, they will. *IF* all of that posts as it should, I will be at $1357.50! Which means LESS THAN $1000 TO GO TO MINIMUM!!! $942.50, to be exact.

I’ve had various people tell me they would donate, so I’m still hopeful I will make minimum with some time to spare. *hint, hint* to those who have made promises. Now is the time to get those donations in. $5 is good. $10 is better. I do have a birthday coming up, after all…$32 would be an awesome donation for my birthday. Just sayin’.

Kinda like walking and chewing gum.

No, I did not actually try to knit while on a training walk. I’ve learned from Cat that trying to do so would not be in my best interests. Besides…I get very sweaty when I walk, and would not want my yarn to stink.

I went on a work related trip to a conference last week. It was in Savannah. The hotel was nice, there was lots of yummy food around, and I did a little walking, but it was hotter than blazes and humid to boot. So I probably maxed out at 3 miles, and that was the day I got lost.It was closer to 1.5 to 2 when I knew where I was going.

Things I *did* do: went to Wild Fibre.  In fact, we got into town Tuesday afternoon around 4, and by 4:30, I had made my way there, current work in progress (WIP) in tow for their Knit Night. I bought 3 skeins of yarn that first visit, and got about 6 rows on the back piece of my cardigan done before heading to Six Pence Pub for dinner. I’ve been told a scene from a Julia Roberts movie was filmed there. After I ate there, so I could not be suitably impressed while I was there. *shrug*

I spent the next 2 days in a freezing hotel ballroom. On breaks, I’d pull out my knitting. After we got out, I’d high-tail it to eat somewhere, then go back to my room and knit some more. Are you noticing a theme? I got almost halfway through the back on the 3 day trip.

I finished it Monday, and will be seaming the fronts and back tonight to check the fit, then starting on the collar first before the sleeves, I think.

But I haven’t done much actual “training” in over a week. And I’m still stumped about fundraisers. I’ve got a couple small ideas, but nothing that is gonna do wonders for my total in one shot.

I think it’s just too hot to think about anything. So I’ve just been knitting.

I recently got a Blackberry. Despite the extra monthly data plan cost which DH insists could be used for more Disney points instead of my phone, I love it.

One of my favorite things is the availability of walking apps. I’ve now tried two, and I’m completely and totally in love with the second one.

But first: the one I didn’t love. It’s called Endomondo, and really, the only thing I didn’t like is that the GPS feature didn’t want to find me. In terms of appearance and general ease of use, it was good. And it did track my time, so when I entered into Daily Mile, I knew precisely how long I had taken. But on routes that my mapping may not have been perfect, I didn’t get as precise a distance tracking.

The one I love actually was harder to install. It could just be that I’m challenged because the phone was new, or I just wasn’t reading, or whatever. But it took me 3 tries to actually get it. Actually, after setting up the web link today, I think the problem was that I was trying to add the web program as the app, without adding the app. I know it sounds confusing, but in Blackberry App World, there are 2 links: BiM Active (the web link) and Bones in Motion (the app). I Think I tried to do the first instead of the second.

Anyway…once I got it installed, finally, it has been FANTASTIC. The GPS actually finds me. There is even a “GPS Location” you can do before you start to make sure it’s picking you up. It tracks times, as well as split times. And when I set up the web program today, I discovered a great safety feature for those who walk alone. You can read their blog about it here, but the gist is that you set up an account, then turn on Live Tracking on your phone. A trusted friend or significant other can then log in with the password you give them and watch your progress in live (updates every 5 minutes) time. They can see if you have gone off route, or if you stop for too long at an unplanned place.

Aside from the additional safety, this also tracks precise distances and times, and allows you to view them online, including elevation. My last walk, a 6.6 miler, I started out with music, but then the weather started to turn, so I packed it away. I can actually tell by my split times where I did this. I was walking almost 3 mph, then I dropped to about 2.5 without it. I can also see how many “Stop and Stretch” breaks I took (some were picture breaks, too…), and where I was when I stopped at Dollar Tree to use the rest room (THANK YOU to the great employees there for letting me do that!).

So get walking…and use an app for safety! Both of these are free (though if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you may have to pay for data use).

That’s what the Komen 3 Day is.

Well, almost…it’s actually about 5.5 miles short of a full two and a half marathons. But really, after 60 miles in three days, who is going to split hairs over a measly 5.5 miles?

Granted, 3 Day walkers do just that…walk, not run. But think about this for a minute, will you.

We will wake up, probably around 4am, if we are able to sleep at all from the excitement, and report to Opening Ceremonies to begin a trek that will carry us approximately 22-24 miles the first day. Then, we sleep in a tent, and get up (probably around 5 am again, from excitement), to do the SAME THING the next day. And, just for the fun of it (because it really is a BLAST!), sleep in a tent for a 2nd night, wake up at 5…and walk about another 15-17 miles!

It’s pretty much the equivalent of walking a marathon, doing it again the next day, and then walking a half marathon.You are fueled by adrenaline and awesome frozen PB&J graham cracker things.

And we CHOOSE to do this. In fact, in order to do this, we have to do some amazing fundraising. The $2300 I’m shooting for right now isn’t just a personal goal. That is the minimum amount that every walker agrees to in order to participate. If we don’t raise at least $2300 by the time we show up on the first day, we have 3 options: Donate it to ourself now, or take 4 weeks, keep trying to have others donate, and at the end of that 4 weeks, come up with the balance on your own. Or not walk…but that really isn’t an option for many of us.

About this time, you might think we are completely nuts (which, BTW, are also a plentiful snack along the route–good source of protein and salt, needed to help prevent dehydration and hyponatremia). We probably are nuts. But we are also dedicated to the cause.

Everyone has their personal reasons. Some are survivors themselves. Some are walking in support of a survivor. Some have lost someone close to them, and are walking in their memory. Some have children, grandchildren, nieces, sisters (the list goes on) that they want to see have a world without breast cancer.

Because EVERYONE deserves a lifetime.

So the next time a 3 Day walker asks you for a donation, ask yourself if you are willing to walk just ONE marathon, much less two and a half in 3 days. Help them out.

Donate today. Save my insanity.

I have 22 weeks until Day 1 of the Atlanta 3 Day.

That’s 148 days.

In my fundraising account is exactly $900. I have a pending donation of $114 that will post in about 4 or 5 weeks from a fundraiser at Jump 2 It on May 14. If we did everything right (which I’m really unsure of!), I might also be getting a $96 matching donation from one of my coworkers who works part-time at Home Depot. But I’m not counting on that one until it posts, since like I said, I don’t know if we did everything right.I also have a check for $7.50 from the Flower Power fundraiser (again, 4-5 weeks until it posts).

That means I’m at about $1021.50 of my $2300 minimum. $1278.50 to go.

I have a few friends that have said they will donate, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I will be thrilled when they do, but until then, I’m going to continue stressing. Because it’s what I do.

Unfortunately, I’m starting to run short in the “clever fundraising ideas” department. Yard sale is still coming up. Finishing the closets and garage this weekend. Then I just have to pick a date for the sale.

Other than that, though, I’m tapped out for the moment. Some of my friends suggested a “Passion Party,” and I will probably do that, but nailing down a date that is good for everyone is tough. Granted, people can do catalog orders, but with that, I think half the fun is everyone’s comments! I have enough stuff (pink rubber duckies, silicone rings, and some earrings I made) to do a table somewhere, but haven’t had an opportunity.

I’m also still in the running for the Energizer Keep Going Blogger sponsorship. I don’t know how many have applied for Atlanta, and I haven’t read their blogs, but I’m somewhat optimistic, while remaining the realist that I am: There’s ALOT of walkers out there, and some are really great writers. I may not be the best choice. *I* think I am, because I’m awesome. But not everyone agrees. I *think* they should be making announcements sometime next week, maybe? The deadline was June 1, but I don’t know how soon after that they will be choosing. Boston had a deadline of May 15 and that still hasn’t been announced.

I’m also having a tough time with my weekday training walks. By the time I get off work, drive an hour either home, or to DH’s store to change, I’m tired. And the idea of walking is NOT high on my list of priorities. I know I need to do it, but getting motivation is tough. On the weekends, I’m generally doing better. This weekend, though, it’s supposed to storm, so my options are treadmill or nothing. Luckily, mileage is still pretty low, and I don’t have trouble with it. I’ve got about 3 more weeks before I really HAVE to keep up with it. I’m good up to about 6 or 7 miles a few days in a row.

So…I haven’t figured much out. I know I will, though. I’m just feeling a little down on life at the moment, despite how great mine is. I think I just need to enjoy my three day weekend and use some time with DH to make a plan, since he actually has a little time off! Two heads are much better than one.

I took pictures on my training walk last Sunday with the intent of posting them here Monday. But our lives were turned upside down on Monday, and still haven’t entirely settled back down.

At about 4:30pm, I got a call from DH. “Pray harder than you ever have before. P collapsed in his office.” (P being the owner of DH’s company).

A little while later, we were told he didn’t make it. It’s been really hard for DH. P was his mentor. Almost like a father to him.

Tuesday was really hard for both of us. I was still a crying wreck for over half the day. Wednesday was a little better, until the viewing that night. Then we went to dinner with some of the family. A good time, yes, but bittersweet. And we didn’t get home until after midnight, so Thursday I was just completely exhausted. Mentally and physically drained. Friday, I was in an all day “retreat” for work. It wasn’t until Saturday that life started to get back to normal, even a little.

I got up early (about 6:30) and went to lead my training walk. Then I did my normal errands…and went to SugarFoot to get yarn for a sweater/jacket, and then out to dinner with DH.

Sunday, we went to the mall, had lunch and saw the new Shrek movie (hilarious, though not quite as good as the others have been). We had planned to do my training walk in the mall together, but lunch wasn’t sitting well with me, so we just did 1 lap, and browsed a few stores, then went home.

My total miles for last week: a measly 4.5.

This week, I will do better. I have to do better. Yes, 3 mile walks really are important…because if something is bothering you after 3 miles, imagine how annoying/painful it will be after 10. Or 15. Or 20. Luckily, I’ve used my gear on enough 3 milers that I’m pretty comfortable with it, and I’m not really stressing that this week, I’m up to 5 miles on Saturday.

Actually, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

As a 3 Day walker, you can opt to get emails about what training you should be doing. You get these once a week, and they have a summary for the next week.

For example, at 24 weeks, this is the plan:


Tuesday- 3 miles, easy

Wednesday- nothing

Thursday- 3 miles, moderate

Friday- 30 minutes of cross-training

Saturday- 3 miles, easy

Sunday- 3 miles, easy

Total: 12 miles, 30 minutes cross training

Well, I was trying to get things ready for tonight’s Jump 2 It fundraiser, so I didn’t fit my walk in last night. Instead, I’m going to adjust my mileage on Saturday and Sunday just a hair to make sure I still to the weekly mileage.

I’ll be doing 4 miles on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. That makes up for 2/3 of what I missed. We are also going to the GA Renaissance Festival on Sunday, so I figure that will add the last mile, easily.

Is it “ideal?” Maybe not. But life happens, and not matter how important training is (and it is CRITICAL) you can’t put yours on hold for training. Some things still have deadlines. Work with them, and adjust without overdoing yourself. I have walked 4 miles at a clip before, so I know I can do it if I take my time. And the 3 Day isn’t a race. It’s an endurance event. It doesn’t matter if you are the first one to camp, or the last…there is just as much cheering. In fact, I think the last person gets more, since everyone lines up to welcome them “home.” ;o)

I may have mentioned that the official 24 week training program has started for Atlanta. Maybe. Just possibly I mentioned it.

And if I think about it, I realize that 24 weeks is 6 months. Sounds like awhile, huh?

Then, I logged into my participant center.

The first day of the Atlanta Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure is 164 days away.

One hundred and sixty-four days.

I still have $1400 to raise. I got a blister after just 3 miles yesterday. How in the WORLD can I get all of this done…training, fundraising, not neglecting my husband (who already feels neglected) and friends. Not to mention still working.

I have the Jump 2 It fundraiser this Friday. I’m a little worried we will have enough kids come. They mentioned 75 minimum. We invited over 200. We have 25 yes responses (but that includes me, hubby, another parent, and a few former J2I employees that we still talk to that will be helping out), 57 have replied maybe, and 81 have said they can’t come. There are still 82 that haven’t responded. We are either going to have a boatload of kids, or hardly anyone.

I finally started cleaning out closets for the yard sale. I was *thisclose* to putting a relatively important piece of my childhood, only because it’s now been packed away for over 10 years and I have no intentions of displaying it. I ultimately decided to just repack it and keep it, but it was a pretty tough decision. I still have one more storage closet, both DH’s and my clothes, and the garage to go through, but it’s a start.

Then…well, I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I’m going to focus on Friday and cleaning out closets.

With that, I leave you with a picture from one of my training walks:

A baby goose by Lake Tyrone

Today is the OFFICIAL first day of the 24 week training schedule for the Atlanta 3 Day! Well, since Mondays are always rest days, tomorrow is the first training day…but today is the first day included on the schedule.

I’m celebrating.

I plan to pack up my gear tonight, and get a GOOD night’s sleep (for the first time in almost a week, unfortunately). Tomorrow, I have an official training walk scheduled for 7pm. Last I checked, I had 2 people coming! I know 2 doesn’t seem like a lot to be excited about, but since this is my first time being a Training Walk Leader, I’m glad I got ANY people to RSVP.

I’m not always great on follow-through. I had big plans to train and lose weight when I walked in 2007. But life, and summer (I hate GA summers) came up, so I put off training. I know (and really, knew then) that it wasn’t the best move. But I just couldn’t force myself to go out and train.

This time around, I needed to find a way that would MAKE me show up. What better way than to be a Training Walk Leader? Because once I post that walk, I’m committed to showing up…no matter how tired I am when I get off work, or how hot it is outside.

The 24-week Suggested Training Program includes 4 days of walking, 2 days of cross training (anything to help your fitness level–swimming, biking, running) and one day of rest every week. My personal goal is to post 2 official walks every week. I will have a set place on Tuesdays, and Saturdays I plan to meet at the same place, but change the route to fit the suggested mileage.

For Thursday and Sunday walks, I’ll be on my own.

I considered making all of my walks official, but there are times I will want to walk with friends, or have to adjust times, or maybe even not go out. There may be some weeks I decide to post these, too, though.

If Disney has taught me anything, it’s that I do alright for about 7 miles a day, 3 or 4 days in a row. That’s without any kind of training. So these early walks are really about finding out where trouble spots might be with my gear. Later walks are where I will really need to push through and walk when I don’t always want to.

But that’s what the 3 Day is all about. Pushing through when you think you are done. Walking just one more mile than you think you can handle. And proving that you can do anything when you set your mind to it.