Guest post from DH


So, the big news is that I met my minimum! I have one last check in the mail (I sent it on Thursday) that needs to post to make it official, but once it does, I will be at $2420! The matching donation from Founders Day posted on Friday and I had a few lovely people that donated to put me over the top. But more on that later.

Today, DH wrote an amazing note on Facebook that I asked if I could share here, and he was fine with it. So, without further ado, DH’s FB note…

My lovely wife Lillian decided long ago that she wanted to walk in the Breast Cancer 3-day walk, and thus began an arduous journey to raise the required minimum of $2300 in order to participate.  She JUST hit that goal yesterday, a mere three weeks before the walk.  I personally admire her steadfastness through all the ups and downs she had to endure with the many failures and disappointments along the way.

She accomplished all of this while holding down a steady, full time job, a busy hobby (that also lead to fundraising), and a nagging husband who felt deprived of attention more often than not

In this uncertain economy, getting people to donate money is a very hard task, and getting enough to amount to a couple thousand is near impossible.

But she did it, and I am proud of her.

One of my facebook friends also decided long ago to participate in the walk.  As of this writing, she has raised a total of $2 (her check-in verification fee) with three weeks left to raise the balance (actually 7, but that’s another story).  Her attitude consists of a cockiness, in that “Oh you just wait and see” if they can meet their minimum.  Last minute, with none of the long term stress and worry of whether they will meet it.

While that is quite alright – there are no rules that dictate how quickly one comes up with the money – I feel there is something missing in their approach.  What’s missing is the Networking benefit in a year long fundraising.  Yes, there is money to be raised, but you also want to raise the AWARENESS of what should be number one on the list of priorities in every woman’s fear.  You want to spread the word about this, and you want to give as many as you can a pause for thought.  I feel that you mock the system and the cause when you DON’T dedicate yourself fully to this, and instead are doing it for reasons of personal gain or recognition.

Along Lillian’s journey, she has made several friends, met thousands of new faces, and has become a common sight among several local events (even to the point of being asked back next year to do the same).  She has become well respected in the community with her dedication to the cause, and with her efforts we are just that much closer to the cure.  That is what this is about in the long run – building and forging relationships and friendships that together can join together and fight for the memories of the millions of women who have suffered throughout the years, and fight for the Billions of today’s and tomorrow’s women who, with our efforts, may have that much more of a fighting chance against this.



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