Long time, no see…


Been awhile since I’ve posted. Things have been insanely busy. I did a training walk with the Atlanta #3DayTweeps, and I was prepping for Tyrone’s Founders Day, where I had 2 anonymous people that sponsored my table…and I was determined not to let them down.

The walk went great. Kristen wasn’t walking this time, but being our one woman crew, so we had some awesome pit stops set up along a great route. I walked the first half (somewhere around 8.5 miles or so) before stopping. While I probably COULD have kept walking, I had a few hot spots that were getting bad, and everyone was on a time schedule, so I opted to “sweep” the rest of the walk rather than risk slowing everyone down unnecessarily.

During the walk, Kristen and Julie suggested walking sandals for me, also. I only knew about the MBTs that are about $300, but I did some research and found Keens. After lots more searching, and trying on of shoes, and more searching, I finally ordered some Keen Mystics. They will be here tomorrow! YAY! Hopefully, they work as well as I think they will. Considering I did a good portion of my 2007 walk in Crocs, I this will be a good answer. :o)

And, without further ado…

I got to Founder’s day at about 3pm of Friday to set up. Got everything unpacked, and people started coming around 5:30. The first night, I sold $35 worth of stuff. I was THRILLED. It wasn’t a total bust like my table in May had been! Went home at about 11pm to get some sleep and got back at about 10:45 the next morning to set up again. The parade ended at 12, and the day was BUSY! In total I sold another $135! Went home at 11pm again, and back at 12 the next day. I set my sights a little lower for Sunday…My goal was a total of $200 for the weekend. After a few sales that really made me happy (like the first thing I ever finished knitting!), I ended the weekend with $250 in total sales! I’ll be making the donation in my coworker’s name again, and he will be applying for a Home Depot match…with puts my weekend at $500!

With that $500, and another $150 donation that has been promised, I’m only $70 away from my minimum!This is SUCH a relief to me that I’ll be able to spend the next month focused on something other than fundraising!


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