Entertainment books! Get your Entertainment books!


Do you like to save money? Of course you do. Who doesn’t?! Have I got a deal for you!

I’ve set up a fundraiser with Entertainment books. These books are jam-packed with coupons for restaurants, movies, theme parks, and all kinds of other things…and you can get one for whatever area you want in the US! Are you planning to go to Orlando or Washington, DC on vacation? You can pick up a book for those areas! Live in Atlanta or Philly? Got those and lots more places, too!

You can get all the details here…and even place your order!

A portion of the sale of each book* will go DIRECTLY to my 3 Day fundraising! So get one for you, and then send the link above to a friend! Spread the word! The more books sold, the more money raised to fight cancer!


I really don’t think I have used enough exclamation points in this post.

*I’m not intentionally being vague, but the portion of each book that is donated depends on the number of books sold. :o)


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