Things I’m not doing that I should be.


1) Training walks. Either leading the “official” ones or on my own. I have no good excuse, but lots of bad ones if you want them.

2) Fundraising. Again, no good excuse, just lots of bad ones.

3) Losing weight. Ok, this is a bit of a grey area. I’ve started tracking what I’m eating, as I said. I haven’t yet gotten on the scale (it’s been a week), BUT I’ve also had a few really bad days. And bad isn’t just defined as going over on my calorie goal. I had 2 days where I was fairly significantly UNDER my goal. Granted, the 2 generally balanced out. Anyway…I need to get better not just at tracking, but paying attention BEFORE I eat 600 calories worth of cookies, followed by 2 servings of sherbet. Oh, yes, I did.

I’m not really sure why I’m not doing the things I should be. It’s hot. I hate summer. I don’t like to be outside. We are getting really close to double digits until the walk (101 days to go as of today!), so I need to find my motivation, but I just don’t know where to look. Hopefully I can find it at the Expo on the 24th. Otherwise, I’m pretty much screwed.


One Response to “Things I’m not doing that I should be.”

  1. 1 Bonnie Winfrey

    Proud of you dear! You go girl! More donations are on their way! Love you! Mama Bonnie

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