Feeling kinda bleh


I have absolutely no reason, but I’m just feeling lackadaisical right now. Lacking in motivation. Lacking in energy. Just lacking.

My training needs to start back up again. And soon. Today is the first “walking” day of the 16 week training schedule (ie–short program). I actually have no plans to walk today. Hadn’t much thought about it until just now. Next week actually picks up with where I left off over a month ago. Maybe I will actually do something this weekend. I’m just not feeling the whole “outdoors” thing.Too hot. Too humid. Too many bugs. I need to post an “official” walk or 2 so that I force myself to go.

Still waiting on paperwork to come through for my Miata, so until that happens, all we can do is wait. Everything is in place on our end, but they need to fax the title to the lender. And haven’t. For 2 weeks now. I’m starting to get frustrated and impatient. On the plus side, we found out the tires are only 3 years old…not 15. So we may not have to replace those as soon as we thought. Maybe.

Of course, in the meantime, the battery is toast on my PT Cruiser. We parked at the airport while we were gone this weekend, and when we got back, turned the key and *click*. Nothing. So we got a jump, made it home and DH put it on the charger. This morning (first start since), it still took 2 tries to start. I feel like Shelley Long in The Money Pit…except it’s not the house that needs work, it’s the car. And I feel bad sucking money into it when in a few short weeks, I won’t be driving it much at all.

Anyway. Speaking of money sucking. When we flew this weekend, we made a decision at the airport to upgrade. It was the complimentary adult beverages extra leg room that was the decision maker, but seriously, I don’t think we will ever fly coach again. Best. $49. Ever. Spent.

Knitting wise, I’m almost done the test-knit cardigan I’ve been working on since the end of May. Took it on vacation and one of my aunts really liked it. Enough to give me the money to replace the yarn (since it was supposed to be for me) and she gets that one. I think I’ll finish it tonight, though it might be tomorrow, since there is one spot I’m not happy with, so I want to go fix it.

Next up is another messenger-style purse. I’m also still working on my summer scarf. The purse should go pretty quickly. I made one with the same pattern before and it took about a week. I think I’m about half done the scarf, but I’m just going until I run out of yarn on that one. It’s nice mindless knitting. Sometimes you need that. After the purse,  I think it’s finally time to knit my left sock! I did the right one in April, and it’s been sitting in the storage ottoman waiting for a mate since. That’s another fairly quick project.

After those, I have a few things to choose from, and I’m not sure what will be first. There is a scarf/hat that will be a Christmas present, a lace triangle shawl, a lace wrap, a v-neck fitted shirt, felted ballerina flats and a lacy summer tee. Evidently, I’m in the mood for lace. I think I need a challenge after all these relatively easy knits. Of course, I could get frustrated as soon as I start…but what else is new? I’ll probably flip a coin. Or have DH pick from the list.

Now, for what you have all been waiting for, I’m sure. My fundraising update. My $70 donation posted. The $150 is still pending because one of the members of the group is trying to see if her employer will match it, which would be awesome. The amazing 3 Day Coaches are trying to track down my other matching gift, but I *think* we were too late in applying for it. When I went to look after my coworker gave me his confirmation printout, the FAQ page stated that any donations in a calendar year needed to be applied for by January 31 of the NEXT year. He made the donation in November, 2009. We didn’t apply until May…about 4 months late. So we will see what happens. There is a slim chance it could still go through, but I’m not very hopeful at this point.I also have $25 in cash donations I need to send in.

So what does all this add up to (no including the 2 potential matching ones, since who knows if they will post…)?

$1311.50. LESS THAN $1000 AWAY FROM MINIMUM!!!!

If the 2 matching gifts work? $1557.50. I feel like I’m closing in on the minimum. I still need help, though.

So that’s life. It’s not great, but it sure doesn’t suck, either.


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