Rollin’ with the punches


Life has been pretty good lately, but very hectic.

I’ve never gotten back into the swing of things from my trip to Savannah, so rather than stress about the training I’m not doing, I switched myself to the 16 week Suggested Schedule. This gives me another whole week to figure things out before I have to stress about the training I’m not doing. Since it’s been so hot, I’m thinking about doing my weekday walks at the gym. On the *shudder*treadmill*shudder*. I realize this isn’t optimal for training, but it’s just too steamy out to do them after work, and there is a shower at the gym, so I can leave right from there and head in to work.

In the “OMG!” category, I’m buying a new car. Well, new to me. It’s actually 15 years old, has 1200 miles on it (no, that’s not a typo), and has been sitting in a personal museum collection the whole time. It’s from DH’s boss’s estate, and is a 1996 Mazda Miata. I’m HUGELY excited about it, but not sure when I get to pick it up yet. It obviously needs a few things done before it’s ready to be driven from FL to it’s new GA home, so right now we are waiting while batteries, hoses, tires, etc are replaced, then I will fly down to get it and drive the 12 hours back.

Next weekend, I’m heading up to MD to see family. Been awhile. I’ll be trying to cram quite a bit into the 36 hours I have to spend with everyone. I’d love to make it to the yarn store, but I just don’t see it happening. And it’s not like I really NEED more yarn, anyway.

I’m still finishing my cardigan. Working on the first sleeve now. Hoping to be finished before I head to MD, but if not, it’ll go with me. I also have a pretty scarf I’ve been doing, which is now long enough to wear while I work on it (not that I need to be wearing a scarf when it’s consistently in the 90’s here…but it was fun). I’ve got a few more projects lined up after that, including a special one for Helen of That one should be pretty quick, though.

Fundraising wise, I just mailed in a $70 donation, I still have one for $150 that I’m expecting any day now (I actually thought it would have gone through already, it hasn’t), and I’m still waiting to see if we successfully mastered the corporate match process, which would result in a $96 donation…but I’m a wee-bit skeptical of that one going through, unfortunately. We will see what happens. I know the coaches will do their best to help me if we made a mistake. If they have the ability to fix it, they will. *IF* all of that posts as it should, I will be at $1357.50! Which means LESS THAN $1000 TO GO TO MINIMUM!!! $942.50, to be exact.

I’ve had various people tell me they would donate, so I’m still hopeful I will make minimum with some time to spare. *hint, hint* to those who have made promises. Now is the time to get those donations in. $5 is good. $10 is better. I do have a birthday coming up, after all…$32 would be an awesome donation for my birthday. Just sayin’.

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