I can’t knit and walk at the same time


Kinda like walking and chewing gum.

No, I did not actually try to knit while on a training walk. I’ve learned from Cat that trying to do so would not be in my best interests. Besides…I get very sweaty when I walk, and would not want my yarn to stink.

I went on a work related trip to a conference last week. It was in Savannah. The hotel was nice, there was lots of yummy food around, and I did a little walking, but it was hotter than blazes and humid to boot. So I probably maxed out at 3 miles, and that was the day I got lost.It was closer to 1.5 to 2 when I knew where I was going.

Things I *did* do: went to Wild Fibre.  In fact, we got into town Tuesday afternoon around 4, and by 4:30, I had made my way there, current work in progress (WIP) in tow for their Knit Night. I bought 3 skeins of yarn that first visit, and got about 6 rows on the back piece of my cardigan done before heading to Six Pence Pub for dinner. I’ve been told a scene from a Julia Roberts movie was filmed there. After I ate there, so I could not be suitably impressed while I was there. *shrug*

I spent the next 2 days in a freezing hotel ballroom. On breaks, I’d pull out my knitting. After we got out, I’d high-tail it to eat somewhere, then go back to my room and knit some more. Are you noticing a theme? I got almost halfway through the back on the 3 day trip.

I finished it Monday, and will be seaming the fronts and back tonight to check the fit, then starting on the collar first before the sleeves, I think.

But I haven’t done much actual “training” in over a week. And I’m still stumped about fundraisers. I’ve got a couple small ideas, but nothing that is gonna do wonders for my total in one shot.

I think it’s just too hot to think about anything. So I’ve just been knitting.

2 Responses to “I can’t knit and walk at the same time”

  1. 1 Cat

    Thanks for the link! I want to learn to knit. Any suggestions for a complete newbie who knows just a enough to make a tangled knotty mess?

  2. No problem! I even added you to the blogroll (finally). :o)

    YouTube! There are tons of great videos that show everything from the basics to more advanced stuff. And I’m frequently on Ravelry.com for patterns, info about types of yarn (and what different fibers can and can’t do) and general technique help. I find it’s generally a pretty relaxing thing to do, and when I finish watching 2 hours of tv, at least I have something to show for it besides a butt-print on the couch! :o)

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