Two and a Half Marathons


That’s what the Komen 3 Day is.

Well, almost…it’s actually about 5.5 miles short of a full two and a half marathons. But really, after 60 miles in three days, who is going to split hairs over a measly 5.5 miles?

Granted, 3 Day walkers do just that…walk, not run. But think about this for a minute, will you.

We will wake up, probably around 4am, if we are able to sleep at all from the excitement, and report to Opening Ceremonies to begin a trek that will carry us approximately 22-24 miles the first day. Then, we sleep in a tent, and get up (probably around 5 am again, from excitement), to do the SAME THING the next day. And, just for the fun of it (because it really is a BLAST!), sleep in a tent for a 2nd night, wake up at 5…and walk about another 15-17 miles!

It’s pretty much the equivalent of walking a marathon, doing it again the next day, and then walking a half marathon.You are fueled by adrenaline and awesome frozen PB&J graham cracker things.

And we CHOOSE to do this. In fact, in order to do this, we have to do some amazing fundraising. The $2300 I’m shooting for right now isn’t just a personal goal. That is the minimum amount that every walker agrees to in order to participate. If we don’t raise at least $2300 by the time we show up on the first day, we have 3 options: Donate it to ourself now, or take 4 weeks, keep trying to have others donate, and at the end of that 4 weeks, come up with the balance on your own. Or not walk…but that really isn’t an option for many of us.

About this time, you might think we are completely nuts (which, BTW, are also a plentiful snack along the route–good source of protein and salt, needed to help prevent dehydration and hyponatremia). We probably are nuts. But we are also dedicated to the cause.

Everyone has their personal reasons. Some are survivors themselves. Some are walking in support of a survivor. Some have lost someone close to them, and are walking in their memory. Some have children, grandchildren, nieces, sisters (the list goes on) that they want to see have a world without breast cancer.

Because EVERYONE deserves a lifetime.

So the next time a 3 Day walker asks you for a donation, ask yourself if you are willing to walk just ONE marathon, much less two and a half in 3 days. Help them out.

Donate today. Save my insanity.

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