Virtual Personal Trainer: The world DOESN’T revolve around me?


As a 3 Day walker, you can opt to get emails about what training you should be doing. You get these once a week, and they have a summary for the next week.

For example, at 24 weeks, this is the plan:


Tuesday- 3 miles, easy

Wednesday- nothing

Thursday- 3 miles, moderate

Friday- 30 minutes of cross-training

Saturday- 3 miles, easy

Sunday- 3 miles, easy

Total: 12 miles, 30 minutes cross training

Well, I was trying to get things ready for tonight’s Jump 2 It fundraiser, so I didn’t fit my walk in last night. Instead, I’m going to adjust my mileage on Saturday and Sunday just a hair to make sure I still to the weekly mileage.

I’ll be doing 4 miles on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. That makes up for 2/3 of what I missed. We are also going to the GA Renaissance Festival on Sunday, so I figure that will add the last mile, easily.

Is it “ideal?” Maybe not. But life happens, and not matter how important training is (and it is CRITICAL) you can’t put yours on hold for training. Some things still have deadlines. Work with them, and adjust without overdoing yourself. I have walked 4 miles at a clip before, so I know I can do it if I take my time. And the 3 Day isn’t a race. It’s an endurance event. It doesn’t matter if you are the first one to camp, or the last…there is just as much cheering. In fact, I think the last person gets more, since everyone lines up to welcome them “home.” ;o)

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