And we’re off!


Today is the OFFICIAL first day of the 24 week training schedule for the Atlanta 3 Day! Well, since Mondays are always rest days, tomorrow is the first training day…but today is the first day included on the schedule.

I’m celebrating.

I plan to pack up my gear tonight, and get a GOOD night’s sleep (for the first time in almost a week, unfortunately). Tomorrow, I have an official training walk scheduled for 7pm. Last I checked, I had 2 people coming! I know 2 doesn’t seem like a lot to be excited about, but since this is my first time being a Training Walk Leader, I’m glad I got ANY people to RSVP.

I’m not always great on follow-through. I had big plans to train and lose weight when I walked in 2007. But life, and summer (I hate GA summers) came up, so I put off training. I know (and really, knew then) that it wasn’t the best move. But I just couldn’t force myself to go out and train.

This time around, I needed to find a way that would MAKE me show up. What better way than to be a Training Walk Leader? Because once I post that walk, I’m committed to showing up…no matter how tired I am when I get off work, or how hot it is outside.

The 24-week Suggested Training Program includes 4 days of walking, 2 days of cross training (anything to help your fitness level–swimming, biking, running) and one day of rest every week. My personal goal is to post 2 official walks every week. I will have a set place on Tuesdays, and Saturdays I plan to meet at the same place, but change the route to fit the suggested mileage.

For Thursday and Sunday walks, I’ll be on my own.

I considered making all of my walks official, but there are times I will want to walk with friends, or have to adjust times, or maybe even not go out. There may be some weeks I decide to post these, too, though.

If Disney has taught me anything, it’s that I do alright for about 7 miles a day, 3 or 4 days in a row. That’s without any kind of training. So these early walks are really about finding out where trouble spots might be with my gear. Later walks are where I will really need to push through and walk when I don’t always want to.

But that’s what the 3 Day is all about. Pushing through when you think you are done. Walking just one more mile than you think you can handle. And proving that you can do anything when you set your mind to it.

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