My first 3 Day for the Cure


So, I don’t think I’ve ever told this whole story on my blog. I’ve posted bits and pieces, and joked about being banned from doing the Cha Cha Slide anymore, but never posted the WHOLE story.

So here you go, complete with 4 of the 5 pictures I have of the event (the 5th being the Elvis pic, and while Kate agreed to let me post it, she wasn’t happy about it…so I haven’t).

My first 3 Day event was in Philadelphia in 2007. I had an internet friend that I met while we were both planning weddings and trying to lose weight. We became very close, and decided we needed motivation to lose weight AFTER our weddings, so we decided to do “one of those really long charity walks.” We settled on the Breast Cancer 3 Day benefitting Komen, and decided on Philly, since it was about halfway for both of us (I live in Atlanta, she lives in Boston).

Fund-raising done, minimal training for both of us (probably a mistake, but like most first timers, we thought “It’s walking. How hard can it be?”), and we get to the event. I had sprained my ankle 2 weeks before (not a training injury…a rather embarrassing, but mildly funny dancing injury!), so I was slow, and hobbling. I held up for about 11 miles the first day, mostly from adrenaline. The lunch break did me in, though. I was alright when I was going, but once I sat down to relax and take a break, the pain was overwhelming, and I couldn’t get back up.

The second day, I stopped at Pit 1 Medical to get my ankle taped better than my little ace bandage was doing, and they pulled me off the route for the day. I was HEARTBROKEN. I think it took 3 people consoling me that “I had already done the important part…raising money!” to finally get me to stop crying because I couldn’t continue until after lunch on Day 3. So I SAGed to lunch, then to camp, and rested and elevated my ankle as much as I could.

Day 3, I was bussed to lunch, where I had a great time helping set up with the other people who were pulled! I was taped up, and allowed to walk from lunch to the finish line. My friend met me at lunch, and we hobbled along together, as she was sore as well. The last mile was absolutely INCREDIBLE. The support from spectators was amazing and everyone was having so much fun! We had our picture taken with Elvis and a pink Caddy, and while it is the most horrible picture ever, it has the absolute best memories attached to it. My friend and I finished together, just as we had started, and were met by a couple of my family members. There was crying…and the first thing I did was take my shoes off and take a picture of how swollen my foot was. I had forgotten my camera, and just had a dying cell phone at the time, but I sent that to everyone!

So there you have it. Is it any wonder I wanted to do this again…and do it RIGHT this time? I hate not finishing what I start. So that foot and being pulled off is my motivation this time.


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