Wow…THAT’S what my blog looks like?


You’d think after going to the doctor last week I’d be feeling better. Not so much. I’m really starting to hate allergy season with a passion. I’m trying to be better about posting. I know…I know. I’m up to THREE recipes that I owe. *sigh*

Anyway…I’m sure you’re not here to read about me. Oh, wait…

Some good (and potentially exciting) things in the works that I wanted to tell you about!

First: I have my next fundraiser scheduled! It will be May 14 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, BUT…it’s for kids 11-15! If you have a kid in that age range, bring them to Jump 2 It in Peachtree City for a special Friday night Teen Night. Admission is $10, and they get to bounce, dance, sing and party to their heart’s content for 3 hours. I’ve got some door prizes on their way to me, and I’m going to get a cake, either by donation or making one myself. It’s gonna be a lot of fun! And the best part: parent’s aren’t required to stay for the event, so you can take the opportunity to have a date night…or separate Girls and Guys Night Out! I’ll be there, with hubby, and the parents of the young lady helping me pull this together, so there will be plenty of adult supervision.

Also on the fundraising front, the Energizer Bunny is having a contest to choose 15 Keep Going Bloggers (that’s 1 for each 3 Day city!), and I submitted an application. The chosen bloggers will get a $2300 donation to ensure they meet their minimum to participate and in return, they will write blogs, post to Twitter and Facebook, etc. about their training progress, and even from the event itself, with the help of devices provided by Energizer. I am HUGELY excited about this prospect and will be incredibly disappointed if I’m not chosen. I think it would be an amazing experience! Not to mention that not stressing about meeting my minimum would make training that much easier. No pressure, Energizer deciding people!

I’m also setting up either a Scooter Wash or Bake Sale (depending on the amount of assistance I can get from others) for the Open House at Scooter Superstore of America on June 5, but that’s just in the initial planning stages right now.

In other exciting news, tomorrow is the Atlanta 3 Day Training Kickoff! That’s right…we are 24 weeks from go-time! New Balance (another of the 3 Day Sponsors) is hosting an event to start off the training season with giveaways and a 3 mile training walk. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate with this event, but I’m hoping to make it up there anyway. It’s a bit of a drive for me (Marietta), and a pretty early start time, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it. I may do my own walk around Lake Peachtree again…this time with a better camera. It was gorgeous last time, but my cell camera just wasn’t doing the view justice, so I never posted pictures. I’m gonna have to change that.

Knitting news: I’m about to start on the Louisa Lace Tunic for one of my coworkers, to be followed by the same thing (in a different color) for myself. In fact, I tried to start it last night, but my circular needles weren’t short enough to do the sleeves, and with the lace pattern, I was struggling to do them with DPNs. I finally set it down after casting on twice and decided I will get some correct circs this weekend. I may start on the body tonight and just do the sleeves out of order.

I also have one sock completed of my flip-flop socks. I put that project aside to start on the sweaters. And I’m thinking I might start on one of the designs I’ve been thinking about this weekend, too. It’s a water bottle carrier, so it would be AWESOME if I can get it finished by tomorrow to kick off training…yeah, right. I’ve gotten faster, but I’m not THAT fast.

I think that’s all I’ve got going on. I feels like so much, though!

One Response to “Wow…THAT’S what my blog looks like?”

  1. 1 Katy M

    Good luck on the Energizer application! I found your blog through Twitter.

    I’m walking in San Diego in November and love reading your updates! I just started my blog about the San Diego 3-Day this weekend. I applied for the Energizer sponsorship for San Diego…my fingers are crossed for both of us!

    PS: I’m a knitter, too! The tunic sounds amazing! :)

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