I’m alive…


I’ve been slammed at work. And sick. I finally took today off and went to the doctor…and now have a sparkling new prescription for antibiotics and codeine cough syrup. I just took both. If I stop making sense, you’ve been warned.

I know I owe 2 Try Something New Tuesday recipes. We haven’t been cooking much, since BOTH of us have been incredibly busy. And seriously stressed. So bad that even the fur babies noticed. DH had some major issues with a customer, a bounced check and a “missing” bike. Until he go that bike returned, he was completely focused, and nothing I told him would have changed that. So we made the best of what we could, which wasn’t much. But he finally recovered the bike, and the change was IMMEDIATE with him. I was so relieved, because stress aggravates some of his health problems, and he was just miserable. So…we are now just about back to status quo there.

I have, however, been knitting. I tried to take a “break” from it after Market Days, but after 2 weeks, I was just BORED when I was sitting here watching TV. I didn’t feel like playing Bejeweled on Facebook…and at least knitting give me SOMETHING when I finish. So I picked it back up again. First, I did a ballband soap pouch…or sponge, if you prefer to do dishes than wash yourself. Then, I went to Sugar Foot Yarns. Oh. My. God.

I spent $65, but I got SO much! First up was a purse that called for bulky wool. I found a wool/acrylic blend that is washable in a variegated dark grey, teal and purple. Bought the 2 skeins the pattern called for. I also wanted to do a pair of flip flop socks for myself (also known as tabi socks), so I found a dark grey that will look ok with my work clothes (which is the intent…my office is usually cold). Then, I found the sale bin. THAT was dangerous. I bought 2 different kinds of soy yarn and one kind of corn yarn. I don’t yet have them earmarked for projects, but I’m definitely looking forward to using them.

So, I came home and started on the wool purse. It went really fast and took me about 1 day to finish…and even better: only 1 skein, so I get to make a 2nd one! I still need to do the lining for it. I have some leftover satin from an evening gown I made long ago, and I’m hoping I have 2 pieces big enough to use.Once it’s lined, it’ll be available on my Etsy store, which is growing by the day! Here’s a preview:

Once I finished that, I started on my socks. I started them yesterday, in fact, and I’ve already finished both toe pockets and am working on the “body” of the sock. I’m hoping to finish the first sock by Thursday or Friday.

After the socks, I should have my French Girl Knits book, where the pattern for a sweater that I’m making for my coworker is, and I’ll pick up the yarn for that. I’ve heard it’s a fast knit, so I’m hoping for less than a month on that one. After that, I have no idea what I’ll work on. At some point, I need to finish the lace shawl I started on for myself.

I do have 2 pattern designs floating around in my head. One is for a shrug and the other is for a water bottle carrier. Once I get something workable (other than an idea), I may need some test-knitters.

Well…my drugs are kicking in, so I’m gonna take a nap. I promise, I will get you some new recipes. In the meantime, try using the search function to find one you haven’t tried that’s already listed and write us a review!

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