Another week of highs and lows–and, a CONTEST!


Wow, it’s been awhile since I have given an update on anything! The preparation for Market Days was time-consuming, and I’ve been promoted at work, so I’ve been in training for my new job quite a bit.

Speaking of Market Days, it was a big disappointment. We had a TON of great stuff. I did manage to finish the scarf that was in progress, and another shawl and a baby hat that looks adorable on my cat. See? Ginny had a few sweaters, an amazing dress, and a bunch of scarves as well. Our table was FULL, our display was awesome (she brought a vintage metal dress form that we used for the dress and a few other pieces), and there were quite a few people walking by. So how did we do? We got ONE $10 donation from another walker, and didn’t sell a single thing. *sigh*

However…all is not lost. First, I now have a bunch of finished items that I can sell. More on that in a minute. Second, we did have fun. It was a little chillier than we thought it was going to be, but the rain held off, and it was overall a great day, though not very good for fundraising.

I’m also starting my training a little early now that the weather has been warming up! On Sunday, DH and I went to The Melting Pot with some friends…and after all the yummy cheese and chocolate, a couple of us decided to go for a walk around the lake in Tyrone. It was REALLY hot out, so we only did 3 laps (about 1.5 miles), but it was a good start.

Last night, I was feeling ambitious, and the weather was a little cooler than Sunday, so I asked if they wanted to do a 5 miler around Lake Peachtree. Everyone was on board, so we met at 8. And none of us remembered flashlights. Or the trail map. But there were signs for the Peachtree City Running Club’s 10K route. And we all decided 10K isn’t THAT much more than 5 miles, so we’d give it a shot and set off following the posts. The highlight for my friend was right after she realized how far we were, and she was explaining it to me (I’m not as familiar with the area). She asked if I knew where KMart was, and I didn’t, but then I saw Taco Bell, which I did know. What followed:

“Oh, Taco Bell! (semi-excited)…(pause)…Aww, F**K. (realization of how far set in)”

Yes, she got a good laugh from that. And luckily, her 13-year-old and 17 month old were far enough away that they didn’t hear me.

We took a potty break at Taco Bell, which we figured out is approximately the halfway point (there are no mileage markers on the route posts), then set off again. Unfortunately, the little one was starting to get tired of being in the stroller, and it was getting VERY dark on the cart paths. Somehow, we missed one of the route markers and got off the 10K trail. We ended up BACK at Kmart, where we called in reinforcements, in the form of DH, to pick us up and take us back to our cars.

All in all, we did about 4 miles. I found the trail map today, and we were at about 3.25 when we turned wrong, and walked about another half to 3/4 of a mile before giving in and camping out at Kroger while waiting for DH to get there. I’m feeling it pretty good today in my hips and shins. It was quite possibly a little ambitious, but not too bad. I might be giving it a shot again on Saturday…but in the daylight. Probably EARLY in the day so it’s not too hot. And with a map.

Oh…and remember how I mentioned about having things to sell that are already made? As it turns out, Faren, another 3 Dayer, created an awesome website for ALL walkers and crew to use for auction items! I have 4 listed already, and a few more that need to be added, plus there are at least 2 other walkers that have items for auction. Check out Auction for a Cure and bid…then help us spread the word.

And how about a giveaway, to give you some motivation…

1) Tweet about Auction for a Cure and you get 1 entry per day.

“Check out the great items at Auction for a Cure to benefit #the3day! @gphigirl”

Be sure to include the @gphigirl so I see it, and leave a comment here with your username!

2) If you post on a link on Facebook, you get 1 entry per day. Be sure to put a comment here when you post!

3) If you write a blog about Auction for a Cure (or if you don’t want to write it, but are willing to donate a post that I can write as a guest) you will get 5 entries (but only once!). Just leave a comment with a link to your post.

And what will you win, you ask? How about a $5 Starbucks card? Just for doing a couple tweets, Facebook posts and a blog post, you get a chance to win.

The winner will be chosen by on Monday, April 12. Entries close on Sunday, April 11 at 11:59pm.

So get to tweeting and posting!

4 Responses to “Another week of highs and lows–and, a CONTEST!”

  1. Goodness that looks so yum! Maybe I shouldn’t be perusing food blogs right before dinner…

    Thanks for the share!

  2. Love what you are doing as part of the three day walk. I tweeted a bit ago. Hope it drives some traffic to your awesome cause.

    PS: The fact that you tried that darling hat on your cat made me laugh out loud. Know that I’ll have a newborn soon who could use a hat like that. ;)

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