The one that (no longer) needs pictures.


Ok, I’ve been talking about all of this knitting I’ve been doing for my fundraiser at Market Days, and yet, no pictures. None. I suck. Ok…I have ONE right now. But the picture sucks. I included it anyway. But some of the stuff I have finished is A.MAZ.ING. Seriously. I have impressed myself a few times, and I hate that I’m going to try to sell these things because I like them so much, but then I realize that if I like it, hopefully someone else will too, and it will sell and I’ll make millions toward my fundraising goal.


I doubt millions. I’m hoping for about $200. Ginny (my partner in crime) is less optimistic and hoping for $50.

So, I figured I’d describe my completed projects here, and maybe, MAYBE, even add some pics tonight or tomorrow. Here goes:

Project #1: Cotton Halter Top

I can hear you already: “A knitted halter top? Isn’t that HOT? And not HOT like O.M.G. I want you…HOT like roasting a turkey in 100+ degree weather. WHY would you make that?”

Ok, here’s the thing. I actually made this quite awhile ago. Maybe, 4 years? Something like that. I bought it as a “Learn to Knit” kit back when all I knew how to do was the knit stitch and I was working on the blanket (my first project ever that my stepmother taught me one) that took 5 years because it was enormous. The plan when I bought the kit was to make the halter as a bathing suit top. It has a lace back that laces up. It’s actually pretty cute. But…it doesn’t cover a DDD very well. Yeah, don’t ask me why I thought it would have, you know, support or coverage or anything functional like that. I just liked it. And it’s actually the first project I ever finished. It’s been sitting in a box since I finished it. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to put it to use…for someone else. It’s a cream/natural type color. It’s the yarn that came with the kit. I’m pretty sure it’s cotton.Because the back laces up, it’s a one-size fits most…including me, because the problem was never that it didn’t fit. It was that it didn’t cover, and I had no bra to wear with it. It may be good to go over something else? That’s how I will model it when I get home…over a shirt.

Overall of the front

Closeup of the lace back

Hopeful sale price: $25

Running Total: $25

Projects #2 and 3: Garter Stitch Scarves

I have 2 of these. Both are chenille. One is primarily black with multi-colored flecks throughout, the other is a steel or denim blue. The blue one is a little on the short side, possibly better for a child. Or at least a child sized adult. Skinny size 0 people. They can wear ANYTHING. *sigh*

Anyway…these are just really simple scarves. Nothing fancy, but very warm. Because, as you know, spring in Atlanta requires warm scarves. But I’m hoping someone will buy it to wear next year…or give to someone for Christmas. Or just because.

2 Scarves

2 Scarves

Closeup for colors

Hopeful Sale price: $15 each

Running Total: $55

Project #4: Small purse

Ok, this ended up being MUCH smaller than I planned. Oddly enough, I ended up with almost the same measurements as the pattern it was based on, and I didn’t felt it like the Knitting Fiend did here. But it looks really cute for a little girl. I still need to add the flower I have for it. It’s currently all white, and the flower will be a bright teal green and white.

Purse, without the flower

Purse, without the flower

Hopeful Sale price: $15

Running Total: $70

Projects #5-9: Cup Cozies or Coffee Sleeves

I love doing these. They are so fast. I *think* I have 5 of them done already. It may be 6. Anyway. I know I have a green one. I don’t remember what I did pattern-wise on that. I have a blue one that is a “corset”…just have to add the ribbon. I have 3…yes, THREE…yellow ones with different smiley faces on them. I made up that pattern myself and was trying to tweak it with each one I did. I’m finally out of yellow yarn. 2 of these are “illusion” knits, so the pattern only really shows from an angle, because it’s just a reverse of the regular stitch. In other words, the whole thing is smooth on the front, except the smiley, which is raised. I’ll try to get a pic, but I have no idea if I’ll be successful. The 3rd one, I tried some colorwork for the first time ever. It’s not bad for my first attempt.

Closeup of one of the smiley faces

Cup Cozies (Blue still needs ribbon to finish)

Color Smiley, before seaming

Hopeful Sale price: $5 each

Running Total: $95

Project #10: Baby Blanket

I absolutely ADORE this pattern. It’s knit on size 50 needles. Because the needles are so huge, it goes really fast. I started this at 9:30 on a Sunday morning, and was done with enough time to start another project that night even with a trip to Walmart and a stop for lunch. So yeah…LOVE this. I did this one primarily in purples. It uses 4 strands together, so one is a dark purple, one is white (to lighten it up), and 2 are mixed colors…one dark-ish, one light-ish. There is some blue and pink in it also, but yeah, more purple than anything. It’s very warm and soft and is in a washable acrylic yarn.

Overall for colors

Closeup of edge detail

Hopeful Sale price: $40

Running Total: $135

Project #11: Open Wrap

Since I had out the size 50’s, I decided to do a quick shawl with them. I had some black yarn and a sparkly pinkey-purple. This isn’t so much a lace wrap as that the needles are so large that they leave it as an open pattern. I’m a little “eh” on the final product, but I think someone may like it. It’s sparkly. That almost always goes over well, with the exception of “vajazzling”. That’s just weird.

Looks more pink than it really is!

Closeup of "open-ness"

Hopeful Sale price: $25

Running Total: $160

Project #12: Openwork Scarf

Not the same kind of open as the last shawl. This is actually on normal sized needles. I started it last night, and it’s going pretty well. About a quarter of the way through, maybe a little less, and I’m REALLY happy with how it’s looking. It’s a pretty ice blue…very light. Almost white, but there is enough blue you can see it. And the yarn is SO soft. Unfortunately, I bought it as an “as-is” skein without a label, so I have absolutely no idea what it is. I’ll have to go wander the yarn section at Michael’s (where I got it) and see if I can figure it out…because I want one of these for myself. The pattern uses double yarn overs, then when you go back and do the next row, you drop one of them, so it leaves larger holes than normal. The description said it’s “not as warm as it’s firmer knit cousins”, so I thought that would be perfect for a chilly spring night here. I’m hoping to get this done tonight or tomorrow morning.

In progress...

Closeup of details

Hopeful Sale price: $20

Running Total: $180

After the scarf, I have 2 more patterns picked out: a hat with a flower (that will be in the teal of the purse I did, with a white and teal flower) and a lace-ish openwork shawl, sort of similar to the scarf, but I’ll be using a much thinner yarn. I had hopes to do a messenger-style purse, but I’m not finding a yarn I love in my stash, so I’m not sure where that’s going…or what I’ll do when I finish the hat and shawl. I’m down to 1 week, so projects need to be pretty quick. Guess I need to switch to the dishcloths I spent hours searching for but haven’t done a lick of. I have some yarn in my purse for dish/washcloths or more cup cozies, but haven’t had much time to do them.

Hopeful Sale price: $15 for the hat and $25 for the shawl

Grand Total: $220 in potential sales/donations to my 3 Day Fundraising

Please note, this does not include Ginny’s finished projects…and she has *almost* as much as I do finished. Granted, I doubt we will sell out completely…but still. Not bad potential!

I’m actually very proud of myself for how fast I have been finishing things! Hopefully, I don’t burn out because I have one in-progress shawl for myself (intricate lace pattern) and 2 sweater requests (one for my aunt and one for a coworker) that need to be done sooner rather than later. And I’m hoping to do a blanket or 2 for people for Christmas this year.

Also–if you see something you like, or if you would like me to do different colors of something as a custom order, let me know and we can work something out!

2 Responses to “The one that (no longer) needs pictures.”

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my SITS DAY!
    Have a great day!
    Betty x

  2. 2 Val

    I can’t wait to see your finished shawl and halter! Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day!
    Have an wonderful weekend!

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