Saturday Summary!


It’s been a pretty motivating, if not productive week, so I thought I’d give the breakdown.

On April 3, my friend Ginny and I will be at Newnan Market Days with a Scooting Toward a Cure table of knitted items. We were vetoed on the baked goods, so we are both just knitting up a storm. I’ve got 2 scarves, a halter and 3 cup cozies finished, and a purse that’s almost done. Later today, I’m going to work on my favorite baby blanket ever to knit. Ginny has been doing scarves and pillows and other stuff. I can’t even keep up with her!

In debating prices, I found out that I’m actually a cheap bastard. I was setting prices based on what I would pay…about $10-15 for a scarf, $5-8 for a dish/wash cloth, etc. Well, on a whim, I checked Etsy to see the going rate for these items. Scarves average about $20, baby blankets about $40-50 (I was actually close on this one because I made one for a coworker and allowed her to set the price…she gave me $50, so I was going to do $40). Looks like I need to find a happy medium for stuff. I want to sell out, if possible…

After my epiphany that I’m only $1500 away from my fundraising goal, I tried the Facebook Challenge. Didn’t get any donations, but found out that one of my cousins just finished treatment. *sigh* I really hate finding connections.

I was reading another walker’s blog (and I’m sorry, but I got there through about 3 different ones, so I have no idea who it was!) about corporate fundraising. I’ve been trying to find a corporate sponsor, but I was aiming for a BIG donation from just one place (like my $1500 request to Red Robin!). She pointed out that for small businesses, $250 is an achievable amount, while it still makes a large dent in my goal. If you remember, $1500 is 6 $250 donations. When I read that, those facts clicked. I wrote up a letter on some pretty 3 day stationary (again, courtesy of Leanne…I have a plan for her I haven’t even told her about yet!), printed out my donation forms, addressed some envelopes to Komen, and will work on delivering the letters this week to 10 small businesses that I either A) know the owners or B) am a frequent customer of. I also have 2 more that are “back-up” businesses that are too similar for me to be comfortable asking both, but if the one I’m closer to says no, then I’ll ask the second one. But Shh…don’t tell them they are second choice! I’m hoping that if I ask 10-12 places, I will get at least 3-4 that contribute, and REALLY hoping to get all 6 that I need!

I also hopped on the scale this morning (well, not hopped…but you know, stepped lightly so as to not jostle it and break it). Our bathroom scale is about 5 pounds off, I think. At least, from what I normally use as my weight, which is the Wii Fit scale. But the bathroom one is much more convenient. So anyway…got on the scale. It would APPEAR I *may* be down about  pounds. How? I have no freaking clue. I’ve been sick this week, so I haven’t been eating as much. Plus, with all the knitting when I’m home, I’m not looking for snacks. And I’ve been decent about drinking my water, as long as I remember to go by wither Walmart or Family Dollar for the Clear American fizzy flavored water. If I forget, then I’m horrible. But I remembered this week.

Oh…and I’m HOPING that riding season is finally upon us! We’ve had 2 nice days in a row now, so I’m out and about on the scooter! I really need to get some pics. One problem I have is that with my short haircut, I get helmet hair. Bad. So today I got myself a cute pink Vespa hat. Problem solved!

Ok, I have letters to deliver, and you have, I don’t know, spring-ey things to do, I’m sure. Like head to Rita’s for your free Italian ice. :o) Don’t say I never gave you anything!

2 Responses to “Saturday Summary!”

  1. Hi. Just stopping by from SITS to check out your bloggy :D Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE the corporate sponsor idea and can’t wait to hear how it goes!! Hand delivering is the perfect idea, especially if you have a special connection with the owner or the business. Can’t wait to hear your idea for me as well! :-)

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