And now for something completely different…


Yes, that’s sarcasm in the title. This is about the walk. :o)

I had a startling realization yesterday. I was sending a sponsorship proposal to Red Robin (please cross your fingers for me!) and while doing that, I realized that I’m only $1500 away from my fundraising goal.

That’s 6 donations of $250.

Or 10 donations of $150.

Or  15 donations of $100.

Or 150 donations of $10.

That last one is the one that really struck home with me. If 150 people donate $10, I would be done with my minimum and able to focus on my training entirely. Wow.  I’m actually a lot closer than I thought I was.

Upon realizing this, I tried Leanne’s Facebook Challenge.  I have 99 people on my friends list (nope…I just can’t bring myself to randomly add a friend’s friend to get to 100!). In my letter, I asked each to donate $10, and to get 2 friends to do the same.  We will see if it pays off or not. So far, not so much. But I just sent the emails yesterday, so I will give it some time.

If you would like to be one of the 150, click here and make your $10 tax deductible donation.

It also makes me want to knit 24/7 for the next 2 weeks to get more stuff to sell! Though, last night was a bad knitting night. I started on a cute smiley face wash cloth. I was doing great and was 19 rows into it (almost halfway) when I looked at my yarn and realized there was no way I would have enough to finish. *sigh* So, I ripped it out and started over…on a smaller set of needles. Unfortunately, about this time, my cough medicine kicked in and I couldn’t focus. And now that I’m thinking about it some more, I don’t think I’ll have enough even with the smaller needles…so I’ll probably abandon that yarn for that project and just make some cup cozies with it. Maybe I can make one of THOSE have a smiley face. That would be adorable! Imagine giving a bright yellow cup sleeve with a smiley face to your barista in the morning! If that doesn’t make them smile, I don’t know what would!

Let me go work on that…you, get to work. I see you slacking over there.

One Response to “And now for something completely different…”

  1. 1 Jill

    Visiting from SITS. This is awesome that you are walking in the 3 day walk for a 2nd time! I lost my best friend (age 35) to Inflamitory Breast Cancer about 4 months ago. We walked the 5k in St. Louis in ’08. I’ll keep looking around your blog & be back to donate. Thanks for walking (Lori thanks you too!)

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