A knitting call to arms!


I may or may not have mentioned that I’m a knitter. I’m actually decent, but pretty slow at it. And I’m NOT by any means a designer. I can take a pattern, and maybe tweak it a bit, but can not create my own. Except for scarves. And blankets. Because those really don’t NEED a pattern. I can throw a few stitches on a set of needles and knock out something simple.

A little back-story here:

Last Monday I was off work. I went into Downtown Newnan to take care of an errand, and I happened across a knitting store! I had only been to places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and yes, Walmart, for my knitting supplies. Well, and eBay for a set of interchangeable circular needles that I adore. But anyway. Never a real knitting store with fabulous hand-dyed yarns and such. And I wouldn’t be going that day, either, because they were closed on Mondays. But they were open on Saturdays, so I vowed to return…and of course, I did. And while I didn’t buy anything (this time), I found a ton of things I wanted. And I talked to the knitting instructor that was there about what classes she offered and she told me about their beginner ones, and the “how to fix” ones (what I need), and some advanced classes. And I talked to the owner, because she had a sign about renting space to use as a fundraiser for the walk.  (This is where it gets good.)

She told me about Newnan Market Days, and that for $25, I could set up a table and sell items. My brain went into overdrive at this point. How many things could I finish in time for a table? Could I make enough?

I sent a text to a friend who is also a knitter and asked if she might be able to help as well. She was ALL for it, and has even suggested a few additional items, like pound cake…which made me realize I could make cookies and brownies!

So, I got home, and pulled out some of my completed stuff that was on Etsy but never sold. I have 7 votive cups that were left-over wedding favors I made. I have a knitted halter top that is for people with small boobs (of which I am not one, so while a great concept, it lacked in wearability for me…but is very cute, no less). And then…I pulled out the yarn stash. My stepmother had given me all of her knitting supplies, since she is no longer able to do it. I had never sorted through any of it. On Saturday, I did…and pulled out all of my project leftovers. It took up almost the entire living room floor when I finally got it sorted and untangled! Some are very small balls that were leftover from projects. Some were full single skeins left over. And there were a few that have more than a little left.

So, I set to work. First project was a scarf from a leftover skein of thick chenille. I started it at 5:30 Saturday night. I took breaks for dinner, and internet (because lord knows I can’t be home and disconnected for more than 2 hours at a time), and a few minutes just because the cats wanted attention and were sitting on my project. I didn’t finish that Saturday, but I did finish it first thing Sunday morning.

And immediately set to work on my next project, which is a small purse/tote bag. This is actually another non-pattern project. I had seen a blog somewhere that I can no longer find where she did 6×2 rectangular felted tote. And while I don’t felt, I thought the bag itself was cute. But I’m still debating whether it will be square, rectangular or a rounded bottom. Luckily, I don’t have to make that decision for another few inches of knitting, so I can see how things go before I decide.

Next up are dishcloths. I’m thinking these will be super fast and I can do at least 1 a night, if not 2. I also got the stuff to do my favorite baby blanket, which will take me either all day next Sunday or about a week of working on it a few hours at a time. And one of my friends is working on her stash as well to see what she can get completed.

But this is where you come in, knitters. Are you able to spare some stash and time for the next 2 weeks or so? Market Days is April 3, so I don’t have much time, and I still have to work and can’t spend my entire days knitting up enough items. If you are willing and able to donate some small projects that you can whip out, I would greatly appreciate it! All proceeds will go to my 3 Day walk. I can use all the help I can get! And if you are a knitter on the Southside of Atlanta without a stash but with some time, let me know and we can meet up at the fabulous knitting store (Two Sisters Knitting Nook) this Saturday for a stitch n’ bitch session, or after work at a Starbucks…I’ll bring the yarn and we can knock out a few small projects together over a cup of coffee!

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