Free the Hostage–Part 2


Back in October, I posted about ending Daylight Saving Time for good. I made a very good case for it. If you missed it, go here and read my proposal. You will be glad you did.

Unfortunately, at the time, everyone was too glad that they were getting their hour back to care about the next time.

Well, people, that next time has come. Early Sunday morning, one hour of your life will be taken hostage for almost 9 months. An hour of your hard-earned weekend. And you won’t get it back for the length of a pregnancy.What could you do with that hour that is being painfully and violently stripped away?

-See half a movie

-Go for a walk with a friend or significant (or insignificant) other

-Watch CSI

-Re-watch (yes, it’s a word) the finale of Psych to find the pineapple you missed the first time and pick out the obscure 80’s references

-Enjoy a cup of coffee

-Plant a garden

-Rock out to your favorite songs

Exercise Nah…who would want to waste time with that?

-Play some Guitar Hero

You get the point. All these things that you could spend time doing, and you will have one less hour this weekend to do them. AND you will begin 9 months of wasting energy.

So, who’s with me? Time to boycott and END DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME!!!!

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