Moody little beyotch


That’s me today. Everyone and everything is annoying me.

My day started when I woke up at 6 (UGH!) to meet a friend for a walk. We are going to try to start doing that a few days a week before work. Well, today was the first day we were supposed to meet…and it was raining, so we canceled.

Then, it’s Atlanta, and it’s raining…so that means people forget how to drive. And that they did. Traffic sucked getting to work.
One of my coworkers is just driving me up a wall. That’s really nothing new. In fact, the days I’m not annoyed with him are few and far between.

And the cherry on top: I brought soup for lunch. I forgot a spoon. All I have here are forks. So I decided I’d go across the street and buy lunch, since I’d have to walk over for a spoon anyway. I forgot it was Spring Break and they are closed.  And they put away the spoons so people like me wouldn’t come steal them.

By itself, that last one wouldn’t have been a big deal. With the rest of my day…not so much fun. So I have no idea what to eat for lunch other than Wheat Thins and Girl Scout Cookies. And my afternoon meeting was canceled while I was typing this, so there go my chances of leaving early today.

*sigh* Can we fast forward to Saturday morning?

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